//Pursuit of Top Tech Gadgets for College Students

Pursuit of Top Tech Gadgets for College Students

Do You Think Smartphones/ Laptops Are Just Meant for the Official Purposes?

We’re all dwelling in a digital world. Everything is quick and easier to access now. The vastness of technology and its advancements are growing day-by-day. It’s quite incompatible to live in this tech savvy world without any digital gadgets or i-phones or i-Pads.

If you are a student from the technical background, you should be tech savvier about every latest technological gadget like a tablet, laptop, iPad, etc.

The world has become very tiny with these technological devices. You can connect with anyone from anywhere if you have the connectivity support. The world has shortened within your fingertips.

Case Studies Explaining the Significance of Tech Gadgets in a College Student’s Life

Top Tech for College

A recent survey has been conducted by UN council to estimate the percentage of the usage of the technical gadgets all over the world.

African countries like Namibia, Mozambique, and Nigeria hits in the top. It is found in the survey conducted recently that they are the most frequent users of Apple iPhones and iPads.

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A video was published from Mogadishu in Africa a few months ago. It states that a group of students with an insatiable thirst to peruse higher studies in engineering courses has started E-learning lessons and courses via internet connectivity. Since there are no schools or educational centres over there, they have created an online E-learning group via Google + and Cisco application. Through this surpassing learning process, they have completed their three years of engineering course by studying just from home. It has been positively acclaimed by the President of United States that they have finally stepped forward to open an Engineering educational institute for the people within BPL in those regions.

Even in a so-called brilliant country like India, there are certainly many places where we find the implementation of ‘Hijab’ or ‘Burqha’ for women to confine them from educational and learning activities.

Top Tech for College

Very recently, one woman from such backward community of India received an offer to join in ‘Microsoft’ in Canada. On questioning, she said that since she was not allowed to go out from her house to go to school by her parents. Hence she and her friends decided to study online via E-learning courses and they gave online examination for computer engineering courses and performed well in it. They even cracked the GRE exams just by referring the online study materials. She felt her college education was all within the Lenovo tablet itself.

Apart from these, the Ph.D. students who have to travel from time to time for lecture sessions and online classes, they have found their i-Pad4 to be the handiest and easy portable system to enter into the deeper levels of knowledge apart from hardcopies. It can be easily carried in any mode of transport, either in flight or rail or road

Students from the fashion designing and VFX designing courses have always found Lenovo tablets and ASUS mini laptops to be the best for every sort of design applications.

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When it comes to the MBA courses and business schools, they prefer for the Google One Note and detachable HP iPads to stay updated with the online lectures, even when they are not in colleges.

The 21st century is the reincarnation of every technological up gradation. Technical gadgets enhance this advanced era to reach the climax of the human civilization on earth.

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