//Top 9 Insane Games to Play That Won’t Cost You a Dime

Top 9 Insane Games to Play That Won’t Cost You a Dime

Because Playing These Games Isn’t as Easy as You Think

Candy Crush, Temple Run, Subway Surfer and now the Pokemon Go!

When we discuss the games on smartphones, it’s the trend that always catches the attention of everyone. However, for people who’re crazy gamers, especially with the super cool graphics, there is no end to the obsession. So, if you are already bored of playing the aforementioned games and are looking for something new to enjoy in your free time, you are at the right place now.

Plus, when it comes to games, the options are unlimited with card games, offline games, war games and the simple, breezy games which won’t wreck your phone’s memory.

What all you should be looking at and the current trending games are all on this list. Because it is 2016 and you need to stay up to date with the most thrilling and fun games to relax on your Smartphone.

  1. Stack

Stack Game Download

One of the easiest games on the list and one of my favorite mode of entertainment is the Stack. People who prefer breezy games with a clean and straightforward background should definitely give this a whirl.

Stack is a stacking game (obviously) where you have to build up a huge stack. With each level and mode, a different background and pattern on the stacks would arise. If you can master time, this is the game for you. Also, watch out for those gems which will help you unlock the new patterns of stacks.

Download Stack from Google Play Store
Download Stack from Apple App Store
  1. Roll the Ball

Roll the ball download

If you want to challenge your mind and are up for something that will wear off the rust on your mind, Roll the Ball is the game for you. It requires planning which will work up your mind. You have to roll the ball into the ‘goal,’ and that is achieved when you can hit the ball in the goal. But, since you have to take the ball through a tube, there has to be a lot of attention from your side, or your will end up losing the game. All this happens while you are solving the puzzle in the background. Hence it is worth a try if you wish to amp up your game.

Download Roll the Ball from Google Play Store
Download Roll the Ball from Apple App Store
  1. Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 Download

Loved Plants vs Zombie? If you did, you are going to fall even harder for its sequel. The concept of the entire game is unique, and you have to take help of shrubbery to counter the approaching zombie spree.

The game is filled with new challenges, and as you progress through it, you will also get help from the different characteristics enter in with the new set of shrubbery.

Download Plants vs Zombies 2 from Google Play Store
Download Plants vs Zombies 2 from Apple App Store
  1. Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight Download

I am more of a DC fan, but I enjoy Marvel as well, and if you are crazy for them, this is one fantastic game.

Starting with the initial team of Black Widow, Captain America, and Iron Man, you have to unlock the other characters for the team of superheroes which will need to defeat the impending threat in the future.

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Sounds like the Marvel version of Justice League, right? Well, the plot is different. You will face new threats and have to defeat the unexpected dangers and enemies along the way.

Download Marvel Future Fight from Google Play Store
Download Marvel Future Fight from Apple App Store
  1. Vector

Vector Game Download

Like the concept of a man on the move in a totalitarian city, you may find Vector as an interesting game to burn your time. With the super amazing animations and graphics, you may feel that the man moving in the game is actually real.

With this game, you will be focusing more on surviving the world rather than hunting down trophies. Good luck with achieving your targets.

Download Vector from Google Play Store
Download Vector Fight from Apple App Store
  1. Into the Dead

Into the dead download

Not one of the latest games that you could find on Android’s play store, but it still comes in the list of top games to play because of its intensity. Probably the only game that supports you with the option of running endlessly and having a first-person shooter stance!

Like the name suggests, there are plenty of zombies to be killed. As you make your way through the Zombie chase, you will be equipped with the relevant weapons on the way.

Download Into the Dead from Google Play Store
Download Into the Dead from Apple App Store
  1. Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go Download

There is a movie out there dedicated to Angry Birds. This is a solid proof showing that the game series owns its legacy. Angry Birds Go is the latest offering from the Rovio family.

A free game is directing to your phone; it has a bell-shaped graphics which are awesome. There are different modes in this game; hence getting bored is out of the question.

You can try every mode from chasing down or getting hit by a predetermined number of cars. It also has the feature of every other racing game, unlock cars and discover new characteristics when you achieve better scores.

Download Angry Birds Go from Google Play Store
Download Angry Birds Go from Apple App Store
  1. WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals Game Download

If you a fan of Injustice: Gods among us and the WWE craze, this game is the perfect blend for you.

Mixing up the fantasy with reality (somewhat), you can be the characters and pro-wrestlers in a fun-filled game with high-quality graphics. Even the animations of this game are spot on, and if you are always hanging out in a group of three, you can play this game in multiplayer mode too.

Download WWE Immortals from Google Play Store
Download WWE Immortals from Apple App Store
  1. Riptide G2

Riptide GP2 Download

Crazy about racing tracks and every game that provides you an option to speed it up on the highway? You should try Riptide G2 at least once then.

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The difference here is that you will be racing on a Jet Ski. But, for a racer, the track doesn’t matter, right? Also, this game introduces Nintendo, the men behind the Pokemon Go, one of the top games ever released in the history.

Download Riptide G2 from Google Play Store
Download Riptide G2 from Apple App Store

These are just the games which you will enjoy. However, if your interest lies somewhere else, you can always surf the Play Store and find something that will suit your interest. With so many options, you can always discover a challenging- entertaining game to play. Say if you want to develop your skills of thinking and cognition, why not trying out some mind games?

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