//Top 8 Automotive Logos With Concealed Meanings

Top 8 Automotive Logos With Concealed Meanings

Do You Know the Ideas Behind These Automotive Company Logos?

Car logos speak a lot about the position and esteem of a specific car. Only by looking at the logo, we can easily guess whether the car is a sports car, luxury car, and so on and so forth. Many of the old car companies also depend on their emblems. Companies convey these emblems as their brands, as in every business model, such that they have a life of their own. They prefer to have the kind of label their customers can be proud of by having them on their cars.

Have you ever wondered what these car logos stand for when you look at them? Have you ever been curious about the sturdy horse in the logo of Ferrari?

Let’s have a look at these top 8 automotive logos and decipher their meanings:

#1. Abarth

abarth automotive logos

When it’s about the Italian racing cars, Abarth stands out as the most famous one. It was founded by Carlo Abarth, an Australian-Italian descent along with Armando Scagliarini in the year 1949 in Turin. Fiat has always owned Abarth. However, the logo of the company associates with the prestigious and quality Italian racing cars.

#2. Bentley

bentley automotive logos

There are only a few classic car manufacturers who have been able to keep their repo and prestige for so many years in this business. Bentley is among those well-known car manufacturers who have been able to make an acknowledged development. The world renowned company has been there for a lot of years, and they have topped in the industry by keeping their demands high of the modish times. Even till date, when you think of Bentley, you associate it with those sophisticated and sleek cars which are power-packed.

#3. Chevrolet

chevrolet automotive logos

The logo design of Chevrolet is simple and yet elegant unlike the logos of other vehicles. It was first introduced in the year 1913 by William Durant, and from then it compels a forever impact on the mind of every human with its metallic colors. The logo has yellowish-golden color for the elucidation and black for the inscribed text. The yellow shade induces cheerfulness, sportsmanship, and innovation. Nonetheless, the dark tone represents the bold and vigorous character of the logo.

#4. Dodge

dodge automotive logos

The company, Dodge, had many car logos in the past before they finally came up with this Dodge company logo.

The first and foremost logo of the company was called ‘Dodge Logo’ which was developed by Avard T. Fairbanks, an artist. It was proved to be helpful for the higher education of the Michigan in the year 1929.

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In 1954, another edition of Dodge logo was developed by Robert Sealey which was famous as separated-horns cover decoration. There have been many variations in the logos of Dodge cars other than the ones described above.

In the year 1970, they settled to put a modern feel to the logo of their vehicle organization. Hence, they created a little angle type- based car logo. The name Dodge was changed to all capitals and was given a stronger inclination in the year 1980.

#5. Elfin

elfin automotive logos

Elfin Logo content is fixed entirely to its name among the typical car logos. It allures to consumers’ emotions than other car logos. The logo features a cheerful small creature called ‘elf’ and it is enclosed in a metallic round frame. The logo is not just stylish, but also conveys the quality of the car- a thing which you can’t see the logos of other vehicles.

The essential features in the Elfin logo relate to the characteristics of an elf being an enchanted and bewitching small creature which can make amazing-performance driving.

#6. Ferrari

ferrari automotive company logos

Ferrari, founded by Enzo Ferrari in the year 1929 is an Italian car manufacturing company. The acclaimed and legendary Ferrari logo was influenced by Count Francesco Baracca, the ace of Italian Air force at the time of World War 1. He painted the symbol on the side of his places and brought many victories to the country. Baracca was also famous as a national hero.

In the year 1940, Ferrari chose to print the horse in the black color as a sign of remorse for Baracca squadron planes. He was assassinated on duty, and the canary yellow background was added which symbolized the color of his birth place Modena. The three strips were also added on the top consisting of green, white and red colors which stand for the Italian national colors.

#7. General Motors

gm motors automotive company logos

General Motors Company or the GM was founded on 16th September 1908 by William Durant. He pronounced to change his business as a leading manufacturer of the horse-drawn vehicles into engine-powered vehicles.

The GM logo is a clear initial of ‘GM’ which stands for ‘General Motors.’ It was among the simplest car logos known to the public. Apart from its simplicity and clarity in the logo, there lies glory for the parent of other divisions of an automobile which are famous like the Chevrolet. It has an appeal imparted on the public in comparison with the other car logos. Among many car logos, GM logo was famous for its big-time boss of the cars division and high sales.

#8. Honda

honda automotive company logos

Honda Motor Company Ltd. Founded by Soichiro Honda in the year 1948 is a Japanese multinational company. The Honda logo is among the most famous car logos in today’s date. It was made somewhere between the year 1996 and the year 2001. It changes depending on every operating unit unlike the logos of other cars.

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The Honda motorcycles highlight Honda wings logo, but the Honda racing cars feature Honda racing logo. Acura automobiles have Honda ‘A’ logo, shipping unit and vehicles with Honda ‘H’ carries Honda Marine logo.

Commonly, the Honda logo has an ‘H’ identity which appears wide on the top and goes thinner at the bottom. The color is silver-grey metallic and is enhanced by a reflective light in the backdrop. This look makes the logo very stylish and radiant. The font on the logo is all in capital letters and bold in the Roman font style which converts the company stands out between other car logos.

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