//Tesla and Google Encourage Electric Vehicles to Rule the Roads

Tesla and Google Encourage Electric Vehicles to Rule the Roads

Google Tesla: What to Expect in the Automobile Field?

Electric cars are known as the future of the automobile industry, and the top companies have already realized this. This is the reason why Tesla and Google are trying to bring the top companies together to bring about this revolution in the industry of cars. The infrastructure required to kick start this type of project is the primary concern and Tesla, Elon Musk’s company is already on board for top four rival automobile enterprises in the world.

From a detailed outlook, this is the second instance where you can see the cross-company partnership as top companies have now realized that investing in something big together will prove more beneficial than trying to outdo each other.

In the year 2015, BMW, Daimler, VW’s Audi were the three companies who initiated the trend of cross-company partnership by coming together to buy Nokia’s digital maps division for around 2.8 billion Euros.

Reasons Why Electric Cars Are Better for the Environment

Google Tesla Electric Car

To protect the environment from the harmful emissions of carbon dioxide and other such polluting gases, automobile companies are already struggling with the conventional engines. The price for these have already come down, and there is no solution to reduce the emission of harmful gases from them. It’s in a scenario like this, every top company has now shifted their focus on electric cars which will not expel any such problem to its customers, and of course to nature.

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In the coming years, electric vehicles will replace the internal combustion engines altogether and bring about a clean and healthy environment. BMW, Audi, and Daimler are the top companies who are planning to manufacture more and more electric cars. To back up this information, Daimler has already declared that the company will be spending 10 billion Euros (which is around 15% of its market value) in the field of electric cars by the year 2025. This is how the world-renowned company will be selling electric cars in the coming ten years, and the company has also stated that one out of four cars selling by 2025 will be electric cars.

Challenges for Executing the Idea

However, there is one problem with electric or battery-powered cars: requirements of charging. If the top automobile companies want to attract more customers for the same, they will have to install charging points in every possible corner and highway a car can go. This is going to be the valid reason why buyers are going to prefer the electric vehicles.

Infrastructure for the same is highly expensive as the current rate of installing these charging stations is 25,000 Euros. Moreover, an automobile company cannot depend on the government or other subsidiary companies to build these charging stations as that would be highly risky. As a solution for this, Tesla Motors have installed their proprietary charging stations.

Automobile companies are planning to adjoin together for various other discussions as well which includes the joint production of battery cells. It would not make sense if they did not partner on this aspect, though. Shortly, these companies will be able to lower the costs of productions and infrastructure when they find better shareholders, and that will only happen if companies acquire a huge profit in the manufacturing of electric cars.

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