//Top 18 Smart Home Products and Home Automation Systems For Your Dream Home

Top 18 Smart Home Products and Home Automation Systems For Your Dream Home



#1. Ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor, 2nd Generation, Works with Alexa

smart home products ecobee starter wifi

Just as times have changed in every field all through these years, the necessary equipment needed in a house too.

Yes, that’s right. We live in a world where there are plenty of heating and cooling devices installed in every room, but to control all of them, you should have one master device that does all the work. This is where the Ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor, 2nd Generation reflects in the picture. It is not meant just for one room but available as the next generation smarter Wi-Fi thermostat that will control the temperature of every room.

What does Ecobee3 do apart from what your typical thermostat can’t?

We call it a smart thermostat for a reason, and that is its ability to work with room sensors of the different rooms in your house. It provides a temperature that will be comfortable for you. Also, the product has been installed with various features which make it a desirable option for every house.

When it is available at the affordable price of $220 and with just another $100, you can get this installed right in your home.


One of the reasons why people are buying this smart thermostat is because of its excellent features which are exclusive to this device only. Have a look at what they are:

  • It is compatible with Alexa, and if you are already using that device, this thermostat will be a bonus.
  • When we say smart, it is smart because it works by detecting the various temperatures not only in the house but also outside your room. It knows when it has to turn on the heating or cooling device so that you will be comfortable.
  • There are plenty of sensors which convert everything easier for the ecobee3 thermostat. It detects human presence and works accordingly, switching off when you are not available, thus saving you money.
  • Ecobee3 allows for at least 32 sensors, and this is what targets it an exceptional thermostat.
  • Conventional design is available with every type of equipment so that it is compatible with 95% of the houses.
  • The installation is pretty easy, and you can leave everything on your thermostat within minutes.


But, before you make your final call on the thermostat, it does have some shortcomings that you should know.

  • While it is known to adapt to every room, it does pose some problem when it comes to adapting to the AC of your room.
  • The HomeKit feature works just fine with every device except the latest version of the iOS smartphone. Thus, controlling the app with home kit may be a little problematic.

Watch this video review on Ecobee3 Smarter WiFi Thermostat Review:


While there are critical reviews of the product, the positive ones outweigh it exponentially, and if you want a functional smart thermostat, this is an excellent choice and brings with a myriad of features in this price range which is quite impressive.


#2. Kwikset Kevo (2nd Gen) Touch-to- Open Bluetooth Smart Lock

Kwikset Kevo (2nd Gen) Touch-to- Open Bluetooth Smart Lock

When we peek into the security options in our houses, none of us prefer for the shortcuts and cheaper options. You have to go for the best that you can afford. In case if you are an expert at misplacing the keys to the lock of your house, you should upgrade with the new technology of smart lock. 

Kwikset Kevo (2nd Gen) Touch-to- Open Bluetooth Smart Lock is just the thing you need. It will open with the help of your smartphone or bluetooth.

The best part is you don’t even have to remember where you kept the key. It is one of the best keyless door locks that is a currently available at a reasonable price of $229. If you are already intrigued, you should know more about its pros and cons, which will help to understand whether you need this smart lock or not.


For a device that works on the latest technology, you will get plenty of amazing features that will ensure round the clock safety of your house.

  • Touch-to-open Bluetooth lock is by far the best security feature that you could have wished. This lock will open on touch when it can sense your phone in the vicinity. So, if your hands are full, you just have to move the lock.
  • The sturdy location detector detects whether you are inside or outside.
  • The advanced smart key is ANSI Grade 2, BHMA Certified, and UL fire rated, which makes it strong enough to ward off any type of forced entries. Burglaries and other unforeseen events won’t be your headache anymore.
  • If you have a standard door, the installation of Kevo won’t be a problem at all. Moreover, the Kevo app provides all the assistance you need.
  • The significance of keyless door locks like these is that you can allow access to your home to anyone you like. With Kevo, you get an additional guest eKey which can be used by your friends or family and it will be automatically deleted within 24 hours.
  • Compatible with almost all the Android and iOS smartphones.


Everything brings with their disadvantages; the Kwikset Kevo (2nd Gen) Touch-to- Open Bluetooth Smart Lock is no exception. Apart from its amazing features mentioned above, there are some minor shortcomings that you should be familiar with

  • To open the lock with Bluetooth, you need to be present for at least 1- 2 minutes in front of your house.
  • With the update in the iOS app and the recent iOS 10, there might be some glitches which take the time to resolve.
  • Some Android smartphones may face problems with the installation of the app and pairing with the actual smart lock on the door.

Here is Brady Black’s review on Kwikset Kevo 2nd generation:


This keyless door lock offers many great features for this price range. With little bug fixes and other improvements in the future, it is worth a try for the safety of your house.


#3. Haiku Home L Series Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan with LED Light, Works with Alexa

Haiku Home L Series Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan with LED Light, Works with Alexa

Ever thought of filling your room with the naughty acts of wind? Nature’s play unveiled inside your dream home?

Essential elements for a room are lights and fan. Without these two elements, room, and the surrounding is dull as well as uncomfortable for people. To make any room pleasant one has to go about looking for these two things and buy both of them. If instead of having to buy two things one could just buy one item that can fulfill both needs it would be so convenient. Haiku home L series offer a fan that has LED light in it. It promotes comfort and convenience to people who’re regular users.

Features of the Haiku Home L Series Fan

The ceiling fan by Haiku home L series provides an unrestricted airflow which efficiently delivers the wind in equal proportions. It distributes the wind equally that covers the area of the entire room. As compared to other standard fans, the Haiku ceiling fan is more efficient in terms of its working. The product has been certified for being an energy saving fan.

The Haiku home L series fan is Energy Star certified. Hence it ensures the energy conservation in so many ways. Using a Haiku fan can help in reducing over-consumption of energy while saving your money too. The size of the fan is 52 inches which provide the right amount of coverage. Two color versions are currently available: Matte Black and Glossy White. Both these shades look elegant by all means.

The LED light fixed in the fan has 16 different settings. So the user does not merely get brightness, but brightness with variety. Light settings can be adjusted according to the occasion and mood. The Haiku ceiling fan promotes the wind with light and also offers different view types to provide more joy to the users. Different settings are not only for the light but also for the fan.

From the control settings, a user can regulate the speed and timer for the fan. Users can even choose different modes like sleep mode or whoosh mode which can spread natural breeze all around.

There are various options provided in the ways in which controlling of the fan should be done. You can monitor the fan by using the remote given. Also, there is a free mobile application which can be downloaded on your smartphone. The Amazon Echo (Alexa) helps you to control and regulate the fan just by supporting with the voice commands.


  • Pre-balanced airfoils
  • No noise made by the fan
  • Looks sophisticated and stylish
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Motor warranty provided
  • Can be connected with Wi-Fi


  • Expensive
  • Only two color options; not much variety in colors


The Haiku Home L series ceiling fan provides the needs of wind and brightness together. The product is expensive but also offers facilities that provide luxury and ease to the users.


#4. Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat 1F86U-42WF for Smart Home, Works with Alexa

Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat 1F86U-42WF for Smart Home, Works with Alexa

How to Gain Control over the Weather Around?

Some people prefer winters whereas others prefer the beauty of summer times. Absolute temperatures suit us perfectly, and most of us wish that the temperature should never change. What if we had control over the climate around us? Wouldn’t we enjoy the perfect temperature always?

The Sensi Wi-Fi programmable thermostat is one device that can help our wish come true. For the ones who like to experience a variety of weathers, the device can assist in enjoying different weathers irrespective of the season.

With the Sensi thermostat, there is no need of bothering about the climatic conditions. The smart thermostat serves you the control of changing the climate in your house and choosing what weather you would like to experience.

Functioning of the Sensi Smart Thermostat

The Sensi smart thermostat can work with Alexa and can take voice commands. To regulate the temperature of any room, the command has to be given verbally only. Once the voice command is given, the thermostat will follow the changes accordingly. The product can be connected with Wi-Fi, thus the functioning becomes more convenient.

The designing of the thermostat is done in such a manner that it aims to provide ease and comfort to the user. The installation process is a simple DIY installation. Also, it has the capability to work even with the existing wires; even quite compatible with oil, heat pump, gas, geothermal and radiant heat systems.

Setting or changing the temperature can be easily done through the mobile app. Through the mobile application, one can schedule the temperature of the house to have perfect timing always. The mobile app can be downloaded from Android or IOS. The app provides the user with a lot of information. He/she would have the quick access to the current weather or temperature and the level of humidity in the air. It also informs about the heating or cooling schedule that has been set. With all the information about the weather, users can quickly decide what changes should be made or what schedule is to be set.

The smart thermostat not only provides the users with a perfect temperature for their homes but also helps them to save energy. If a custom seven-day schedule is set, the wastage of energy reduces. Less wastage of energy results in bills having a little amount.


  • A warranty of 3 years
  • Regular local weather information
  • AA batteries
  • Free mobile app
  • Control through voice command


  • Usage reports are absent
  • Not very helpful with humidity
  • Energy management not very efficient

Here’s a brief review of the product:


The Sensi smart thermostat provides a variety of features, but the strongest one is the compatibility with Amazon Echo. Letting users control the device through voice command is an incredibly attractive quality. But it does have some drawbacks which can withdraw some users. However, the idea of having control over the house temperature is alluring and proves a desire for gaining the luxury.


#5. NuBryte Touchpoint All-in- One Smart Security, Lighting Automation, Intercom, Family Hub – Dual Switch Size

NuBryte Touchpoint All-in- One Smart Security, Lighting Automation, Intercom, Family Hub - Dual Switch Size

How to Choose Smart Homes for Smart People with Busy Lives?

Organizing family and house is not an easy task. There are numerous things to be handled and when they are not well handled, the entire house becomes a mess.

Nowadays, life has become so busy, that coping with all the tasks is difficult. Managing outside life and organizing house turns out to be a complete chaos. To have a better organized home there is a home automation system created. The new system designed for easy house organization provides automated lighting, integrated family calendar, home security, intercom system and even weather updates. By using a home automation system, a busy life can be well managed, and all the chaos can be reduced to quite an extent.

Features of the Home Automation System

Nubryte is a system that can organize homely activities with automated lighting function. The lights of your house can be modernized with custom and touch free control. Having the same light effects in the house all the time can get monotonous.

The Nubryte lightings serve a house with different light effects which will suit the mood and moments you spend together with your closer ones. When it is movie time in the house, with the help of automated lightings, a dim room suiting the situation can be obtained. A daily light routine can be set to get the kids to bed on time. If you desire to reach home and have the house well lit, that can be done too.

Options such as morning light, vacation light, night light, bed-time, welcome light, etc are available. It can be easily switched off and the home control is easy too. Lights in the house can get varieties and more luxuries can be enjoyed. There will be no need to take efforts to reach the switch as lights can be operated through the Nubryte application.

The security of your house is one topic which can cause worries. Having a secured home is extremely essential. With the help of this home security product, the security of families and homes can be protected easily.

The security system provides a motion detector which can identify the presence of thieves and can scare them with loud alarms. Along with the alarms, there are flashing lights in the house to ensure the overall safety.

Even when you are not at home, you can know what is going on easily through your smart phone. The security system sends a live video alert so that activities taking place in the house can be seen. In case of any threat, your smartphone will receive an alert along with a video recording, so that the right steps can be taken to protect your property.

Lights can be set inside the house in such a way that from outside it will appear as if people are present in the house. Knowing that the house is not empty, from external outlook, thieves will not approach the house.

Your day-to-day schedules can be planned properly. The family calendar can coordinate family appointments, events or any other tasks and meetings. When we talk of the common gatherings, all the family members shouting out seems to be the solution. But with the intercom facility, everyone can be called easily or can be informed about anything easily. Nubryte also helps you know what the weather will be like and keeps you informed about the energy consumptions and other electronic details.


  • Enjoy luxury with all the automatic functioning
  • Be sure of a secured home
  • No more monotonous lights and enjoy great variety
  • Be informed about weather and have a well organized day


  • Live video facility only when alarm gets triggered not the rest of the time
  • Owning the system in all the rooms of the house is expensive


A better lifestyle can be gained, more luxury can be enjoyed, and management of life can be done as well. The Nubryte home automation system serves you some facilities to ensure ease and provides more free time for leisure.


#6. Keyless Door Locks: August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled

August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled

Today Smartphones are capable of attaining uncountable things in the digital era. Smartphones are no more limited to making calls and gaining access to the internet, however, they can even be a key to your door which has the smart lock on it. With growth in technology, smartphones can be used to lock and unlock doors. Moreover, virtual keys can be created too for family members. By using smartphones as keys records of who enters and leaves your house or chamber can be maintained. Your IOS or Android phone can be not only a key but also a device to ensure the security of your house by keeping such records.

Ways in Which Smart Key Works

In case you need a copy of your key to allow someone to get access to your door you do not have to make copies. Virtual keys can be created with the help of your smartphone and can be passed on to others. These virtual keys can be given limits also. Virtual keys can be used for a certain period as per choice. Guests can be given access for a week, some hours or even minutes. The access can be stopped by deleting guest access whenever desired. Auto locks and unlocks facility is available to provide some easy ways to avoid keys issues. This service helps in having a keyless door lock.

The new smart lock does not interfere with the door and its hardware. The external side of the door will stay. However, it is a smart lock that occupies only the internal portion of the door. Each key made is unique and therefore information regarding who has made access to the door can be exact.

The Installation Process of Smart Locks

  • The installation process is easy. It does not require any experience. To install a smart lock, wires or cables are not involved. Confusion due to the connection of wires or cables is not there when a smart lock should be installed.
  • The smart locks have batteries in them, and they work on batteries. When the batteries require a replacement, a notification is received on the smartphone. August smart lock users receive a notification from the August smart app when there is a need of changing the batteries. Whenever an information is received, batteries should be changed to ensure the standard working of the lock and safety of the house.
  • There is Low Energy Bluetooth (LEB) which syncs the lock to your smartphone. The Low Energy Bluetooth is highly secure and facilitates easy use.
  • The smart lock should be installed on the interior side of the door. Therefore the standard deadbolts will be removed, and the smart locks should be placed on their spot.


  • Better safety with phone used as keys
  • Tracks maintained about people who gain home access
  • Virtual keys can be passed only for required time


  • Deadbolt alignment causes problems
  • Interruption in the process due to weak internet connection


August Smart Locks are locks that can be attached to the interior side of the door and does not require any wires. The locks work on batteries and are linked to smartphones of the users. A user of smart lock can regulate the door by using IOS or Android or iPhone. The user can get full control over the door and can grant access to the door for any period. A complete track of users of the door can be kept to maintain safety.


#7. Wemo Light Switch-Product for Life

Wemo Light Switch-Product for Life

It has become very convenient for people to enjoy the various benefits of the light switch. Earlier, it was difficult to move from one place to another just to press the switch, and it had many flaws as well. It used to break and then couldn’t be fixed. However, now with the invention of Wemo Light Switch, everything has changed. It isn’t difficult anymore to switch on the lights, to install the Light switch and it works with the one-way light connection.  It is reliable and performs better than any other light switch. Those who have used it, have recommended it further.

About the Product

Wemo Light Switch can be installed very easily. A neutral wire is required to install it. The best part of this product is that you can use it from any part of the world. All you need to do is to download the free application, and you will be able to control your lights and other appliances.

Darkness spreads negativity and who would want to enter into a dark house? You can now do that before you enter your home. Wemo light switch is very easy to use.  It will work on any smartphone that has Android 4.1 and higher.


It brings many benefits. Firstly, the product is very easy to use. You don’t have to change places just to switch on the light or any other appliance. You can get the air moving through your ceiling fans minutes before you reach home. It can always be used like old switches; you can push the switch as well. This device functions by downloading a free application. Being supported with Wi-Fi, it will make your house look vibrant, even when you are not home.

Wemo Light Switch works all over the world. You can access it from anywhere and configure all your appliances at best quality. It can be accessed through the internet as well. So that in case you are not under the Wi-Fi coverage area, you can still switch appliances.


The overuse of the product will lead to a hike in your electricity bill. It can be misused and thus you may have to incur a high cost. To set it up, you should be on the same Wi-Fi network, which makes it difficult. You also have to be very careful, while setting it up. Hence a professional electrician’s assistance will be needed in most of the cases. Otherwise, it can have a negative impact. It may get damaged, and you have to replace in such a case.


Every product has its pros and cons. This product is a lot more advantageous than it has flaws. It works with ease.

Wemo Light Switch is very economical and better than many other such devices. It reduces risks, and will also make your life better.


#8. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Alexa

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Alexa

A garden in the front yard or back yard looks beautiful and is the desire for many. It not only adds on to the beauty of your house but also fills you with a fresh feel every day. Be it just an area filled with grass or an area full of flowers, having nature’s beauty nearby opens the formation of gorgeous energy around you. But this beauty needs to be maintained well. If a garden is not well managed regularly, it will start being a trouble.

To avoid taking efforts and all the heavy maintenance, people tend to drop the idea of gardening completely. But now, with the presence of a smart watering device gardening, the whole process is not going to be tough anymore. The smart sprinkler controller is a watering device for your garden which is smart enough to understand the needs and water supply accordingly. With the help of Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, managing the task of watering accurately becomes easy. There will be no need to put in efforts daily for watering and wondering if the quantity is fine or not.

Ways in Which Smart Sprinkler Controller Functions

Once the Rachio smart sprinkler is fixed and connected with your Wi-Fi, it will take charge by managing your yard zones. The sprinkler understands the right time for watering, the areas which require watering and the quantity required along with the ways in which watering is to be done.

With the app which can be downloaded from iOS or Android phones, controlling the functions becomes much easier. Adjusting and monitoring your sprinkler system can be done from anywhere through the application.

The intelligence of the smart sprinkler can calculate the water needed by the yard. All the user has to do is just inform well. Information about the plants and soil in your yard has to be given. Also, some information about the sun exposure and sprinkler should be provided. Using all the provided information the smart sprinkler calculates the amount of water needed and the watering cycle in order to avoid wastage. The smart sprinkler waters the yard with the right quantity and reduces water wastage.

The Rachio sprinkler can adjust the watering schedule according to the latest forecast. The smart sprinkler automatically adjusts the water supply so that during rains there is no need to waste water.


  • Installation process is easy
  • It can replace any controller
  • Easy controlling through application
  • Regular notifications and water usage details provided to keep user informed
  • Customized water supply for different zones according to the plants and soil
  • Saves water and schedule appointing convenience
  • Understands the weather


  • The smart sprinkler controller can be expensive and difficult to afford
  • The process of setting up requires perfection
  • Uneasy installation and time-consuming arrangement process

Here’s what Sparky Channel has to convey about the installation of Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Alexa:


The smart sprinkler controller converts the watering of plants easy. With the smart sprinkler controller, you do not have to take efforts of watering plants every day. But the price of smart sprinkler controller is heavy on the budget. At first, the complete process of setting up might be difficult but later on, there is ease in life as one task to be done off the list.


 #9. Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Household Appliances

The Etekcity Outlet Switch allows control over the hard-to-reach appliances and devices, without built-in power switches. This mode is enabled with convenient control over small household appliances, from across rooms or on second floors, providing a strong RF signal, even up to 100 feet. The device functions well, without interfering the other electronics, converting it into a wonderful product for its users, majorly for the disabled, senior citizens, and pregnant women.

Etekcity Wireless Electrical Outlet Switch is the ultimate energy and money saver. This must have slipped your mind, but several household appliances in your home utilize the electricity even when it is not in use, leading to wastage of valuable energy. It results in an increase in your electricity bill. In fact, the energy consumption through unused appliance can also cost up to $100 a year unnecessarily. For a better solution, you can connect Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Switch Kit to the everyday appliances such as chargers, oven, television, to receive an energy-efficient and a more economical bill.


The power input of this device is 120V/60Hz while the power output can be a maximum of 1200W/10A. The device has a transmission frequency of 433.92MHz and requires a single DC battery of 12V (23A). It consumes the power at the rate of 0.6W and works in energy saving mode.

On purchase, you will receive 5 Etekcity Outlet Receivers, two 12V batteries, two remote control transmitters and a user manual. This gadget is an excellent formula for switching on and off and accessing the appliances which are hard to reach and are without built-in power switches.


Etekcity Smart Remote Control Outlet device works to simplify your life even further. There is no need of getting out of your bed any further to access the appliances, be it in active mode or not. You can always keep command over your house or office with the touch of a button. Also, you are saved from the constant need to plug in and unplug the cords from outlets.

Constant movement across the workspaces can make it untidy and unsafe. This situation can be reduced by the use of Remote Control Outlet Switch Kit so that the rooms can stay clutter and fuss free. The device is an easy setup with the pre-programmed kit for immediate use. The users can activate the appliances quickly and initiate the controlling of their electronics devices with wireless remote control. Just plug in the outlet into a wall socket along with your electronic item into the outlet; it’s done.


The price of the device is reasonable. However, for installation in each outlet, the ultimate cost can soar higher than expected.


If you are an avid user of various electronics devices, you should certainly go for this appliance as it will not fail you. The product is already gaining popularity in the market with recommended user reviews.


#10. Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A device to protect life, stability and liberty. Also, it also connects with your home appliances. Nest works with just about everything like your dishwasher, oven or a water heater; which is a quite interesting news because they use the most energy in your home and can cause the damage if left unattended. It has 6 long-life energizer ultimate lithium batteries, with an inbuilt split-spectrum sensor. In addition, a 2 Watt speaker is also pre-installed. The brand name speaks of everything, thus ensures the quality factor, which most of us bother about while choosing a new product.


Uniqueness while working together. They’re convenient to use, even for a beginner who lacks knowledge of handling this kind of products.

Heating systems lead to the leakage of carbon monoxide. In such emergency situations, the thermostat turns off the heater to avoid huge accidents.

The access of the batteries has become easier than ever before. It’s time to expect more fun from your smoke alarm. Carbon monoxide alarms are different from all regular smoke alarms.

The latest Nest product has been revived and modernized entirely. It is the ‘First Home Alarm’ with an industrial smoke sensor. The product has been supported by the facility that offers alert on the phone through a notification.

For example, most of us forget to turn off the iron box in a hurry. In such instances, don’t you feel like you’re in need of an automated controller?

When you’re away from your home, your Econet-compatible electric and gas water heaters can turn off your appliances. If the Nest Protect notices smoke or carbon monoxide, it can warn you and shut off your enabled home appliances to prevent them from being damaged.


While it provides various benefits, there can be some disadvantages too. You need to be more cautious while installing the device, as it involves proper technical assistance.  The battery may trouble you. You have to make sure that it remains in the safe hands because it can be misused too.


The product is very economical and easy to use as well. You can access it even when you are away from home.  There is nothing much to do apart from setting up the alarm. Do not try this on your own, rather call a technician. This device will secure your home in case of theft or unwanted smoke. You can enjoy its benefits, just by downloading a mobile application and accessing it from anywhere in the world. Before it gets out of stock, grab one soon. Nothing is important than the safety of your house, isn’t it?


#11. Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 MyQ-Garage Controls Your Garage Door Opener with Your Smartphone

Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 MyQ-Garage Controls Your Garage Door Opener with Your Smartphone

Chamberlain Smartphone Garage Door Control is an excellent device to exclusively monitor your garage door through the proper access, opening and closing your garage door from anywhere, with the help of your Smartphone. You can conveniently receive all the notifications and alerts on your Smartphone whenever your garage door is accessed.

The amazing feature of this door garage is that it works easily along with most of the branded garage door openers, even the ones which were made after 1993, having a standard safety sensor. This gadget is very compatible with almost all versions of Apple iOS and Android OS.

The functionality of the application is so smooth that it can install within minutes and can be accessed very easily with your house Wi-Fi if the Chamberlain MyQ Garage application has been installed. Also, note that the app is easy to operate and completely free to install. The content of the package on purchase includes power cord, Wi-Fi Hub, door sensor, mounting bracket, and a user guide for the app download.

Through MyQ free application, you can easily control your gadget from anywhere in the world. You will get an instant notification if anyone accesses your garages’ door. This keeps you connected to your place from time-to-time. With the smart control, you can now combine the security aspects and ambiance. It also helps you in illuminating your home whenever it’s needed, that too from anywhere. MyQ also helps you with easy access to your home, so that the monitoring and controlling your garage door from anywhere becomes easier. With Nest product, now even enhanced control of your Nest Cam and Nest Learning Thermostat can be done, providing you with a suite of connected home products. This brings in more comfort, security, awareness, and peace of mind.


You can now put aside all your worries about whether you have left the door open or your home exposed. There is no need of driving back home to check if it is all fine or not. The all-in-one app on your phone can track your gadget and lock your door well after use. Also, it provides options for opening the garage door for deliveries or to let a family member go inside when you’re not available in the location. The whole operational process is simple and free.


The network configuration and the software of Chamberlain Smartphone Door Controller are very touchy and requires constant reconfiguration. If there is a sudden loss of network, you will experience some issues in the functionality of the product. Different door sensors are required for different doors, even if you connect all of them to the single application.


Overall, the gadget shows excellence in operating and controlling over your home security. A few cons over a large number of pros can be ignored. The reviews are quite well for this product. You can purchase the product by clicking the link shown below.


#12. EZVIZ Home Security Camera System 4 Weatherproof HD 1080p Cameras, 4 Channel DVR 1TB HDD, 100ft Night Vision, Works with Alexa using IFTTT

EZVIZ Home Security Camera System 4 Weatherproof HD 1080p Cameras, 4 Channel DVR 1TB HDD, 100ft Night Vision, Works with Alexa using IFTTT

EZVIZ is a Security Camera System for homes with the latest smart technology installed. This water proof enabled camera system has HD 1080p cameras, with 4 Channel DVR and 1TB HDD. The amazing feature of this camera is that it holds 100 feet night vision. By using IFTTT, it can conveniently work with Alexa.

EZVIZ wired kits are appreciably capable of smart control over a large area and is built especially, for connected homes. Using IFTTT, the device works well with your favorite apps, email accounts, websites, and almost all the digital devices. The fantastic point is that the camera software can be upgraded to a higher version with time to get a smarter and better version every time. These cameras run on an adaptable platform of EZVIZ. It adds on to the new features and operational additives of the device. All you need to do is just click on the button provided, and your cameras automatically switch on to a smarter mode and prepare it to work with more devices.


These smart home cameras are dustproof as well as waterproof and have the high caliber to withstand adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, wind and extreme temperatures, within a large range. Wired kits provide a crisp and clear image and video in HD with IP66 – rated operation. You can click excellent quality images as the camera is efficient in balancing the light levels at all parts of the day. The camera automatically switches to night vision mode, whenever required.

The smartphone, once connected with the camera, receives notifications with every change. In fact, the camera can even detect motion. You can set notification schedules, and your EZVIZ Camera will watch over your home and record well whenever a movement detects. All video is saved to a hard drive which is a security – grade.

The major components of the package include 1 installed TB WD Purple Hard Drive, 4 analog bullet camera 1080p HD TVI, 4 channel TVI Dvr, and HDMI Cable. In addition, mounting screws and plugs and mounting templates are also available. The inclusion of quick start guide, 3 theft deterrent stickers, camera installation guide and a warranty card brings more of help to its new users.


The only con this security camera faces is that it cannot run on batteries well. So, if the power goes off, recording becomes a problem. Also, the price is a bit too high.


Apart from a few cons, EZVIZ security camera is an excellent choice because of its exclusive features. This product is a bit expensive but the money is worth spending. The temperature and weather resistant formula with all the excellent unique features, the product is very useful. A good choice makes life easier.  The product is guaranteed to enhance your protection and keep your home tension free.


#13. iDevices Smart Home Essentials Starter Kit – Wi-Fi enabled plugs & lighting, works with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa (10 Product Bundle)

iDevices Smart Home Essentials Starter Kit - Wi-Fi enabled plugs & lighting, works with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa (10 Product Bundle)

If you are fed up of the many wires that have engulfed your home, then this starter kit is not only smart but the one solution that you have been looking for. With just $499, you get 10 products that will connect your home in a simple manner. You won’t have to fix single things anymore.

Instead of the hub-based systems that have become the centre of attraction in your house and the bulky and expensive subscriptions, you can get this kit of smart home products today itself. And if you are curious about the products in the box, then you would be amazed to find what they are.

In the box:

  • 5 iDevice switch
  • 3 iDevice sockets
  • 2 iDevice outdoor switches

Features That will Motivate You to Get This Smart Home Product

What more could you have asked for when it comes to the functionality and the usage of this product. You are not only getting this device at an affordable rate but without any shipping costs as well. It has become so popular in every home because of its seamless integration from any type of mobile device which includes the iphone as well as other smartphones. You have complete access to your home from anywhere you are. You can monitor everything with the help of your personal phones and keep an eye on what is happening at your home.

Smart home products are supposed to make your life easier, and this is what iDevices Smart Home Essentials Starter Kit will do for you. You get every information you need about your home without any hub or contact. Since they will integrate with your mobile devices directly; you might expect that there would be yearly fees for subscription or other things. There are no service fees, no annual contracts and no additional equipment required when it comes to your smart home product. You just have to connect it with your device and the job is done.

Another feature you can enjoy comes from the company itself which is called the exclusive VIP concierge service. When you subscribe to this one, you get a dedicated team of executives from the company who will give you any assistance you need 24*7. The team comprises 100% US-based smart home experts who will help you with everything.

Moreover, you also get the authority to schedule a personalized setup session which will allow you to get solution to any of your problems. You get access to other amazing benefits under the subscription which would not have been possible otherwise.

Not only this smart home product is compatible with these many devices, it comes with voice control as Siri and Alexa’s voice commands is recognized by these iDevices. So, you can use this from your Applekit as well as Alexa.

If you still don’t have such a product in your home, then it is time to get one.


#14. Awair: Smart Air Quality Monitor, Works with Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT

Awair: Smart Air Quality Monitor, Works with Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT

With the pollution levels spiking globally, especially in the metro cities, it is imperative that you have a smart air quality monitor for your house at least. If you are looking for the perfect one, then Awair: Smart Air Quality Monitor, Works with Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT  won’t disappoint you. It is not just like any other conventional air quality monitors and comes with many features.

The one thing that sets it apart from other air quality monitors in the market is the TrueSense. This is what keeps track of the air around you and measures almost everything from temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide to toxic chemicals and dust which could severely affect the health of your dear ones.

When you buy this smart air quality monitor for your home, you just need to tell it what is important for you. Be it any allergy concerns of yours or sleep quality or productivity, the app will set everything according to that.

It comes with a LED display which will offer a quick snapshot of the current air quality in your house and it also schedules multiple checks which will allow you to get the air in your house tested.


When you need a proper rest, it is important that is there is no CO2 in your room, and for this reason, you will find this smart air quality monitor extremely helpful as it comes with the feature of Awair+ Nest integration which will remove the excess amount of CO2. It does so by automatically turning on your ventilation and giving you the fresh air that you and your family deserve.

You get to customize your monitor’s settings according to your needs, and if there is the slightest change in the air around you, you will be notified immediately.

And if you still need more reasons to buy this fantastic product, then you should know that it works with Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT as well.


In other words, everything has its ups and downs and Awair smart air quality monitor is no exception, it comes with everything, but users have found some problems with its access to data. If you are using an android phone to track everything, you might face some problems in regularly seeing the trends of the data.

Initially, there could be some problems in setting up the device, but for this, you can get the assistance of the people who deliver the product to you.


Despite all the little inconveniences that you might face when you are initially getting used to this air quality monitor, it is a great product and a much-needed one in our times. It comes at an affordable price of $199 and no extra shipping cost. The entire design of the monitor is also sleek and modern, and it blends with your interiors as well. What else could you have probably asked for in an air quality monitoring task?


#15. Logitech Harmony Companion All in One Remote Control for Smart Home and Entertainment Devices, works with Alexa

 Logitech Harmony Companion All in One Remote Control for Smart Home and Entertainment Devices, works with Alexa

We live in a generation which is smart by all means. We make use of machines and controls to reduce our manual work. Be it the TV or the AC, we want everything to be done for us and this is why if you have multiple remote controls for your appliances, then you should get this smart all in one remote control.

Logitech is one of the best companies when it comes to innovation and technological advancements. The Logitech Harmony Companion All in One Remote Control provides you the convenience that you have been looking for every time. It integrates lights, locks, and even the home entertainment devices. So, you can have the grand life right in your living room. It becomes even better when it is controllable from your smartphone, right and Logitech Harmony Companion All in One Remote Control does that for you.

What’s Special About it?

If you are already excited about this smart home control device, then you should listen to all the other things that it can do for you.

You have every bit of customization that you need at your fingertips, and you get to set the room’s lighting to what you need according to the occasions. You can also create custom schedules which will work on their own, and you don’t have to remember to switch off any device or turn them on.

Not only it can be integrated with your smartphone or Android app, but it also comes with integration with Amazon’s Alexa app.

Once you install the device on your phone and get it working for you, there is the Harmony Hub App which will do all the work for you. This sends all the commands to the various devices through Wi-Fi, IR or even a Bluetooth signal.

It is even better for the kids and the teenagers as they can control their play stations and other gaming consoles directly through this smart home control device. Moreover, if your device is behind a closed door, you don’t have to worry about its controls. And if you are planning to chill this weekend, then it even controls Netflix and other TV streaming apps and websites.

The entire home control system is just available at the small price of $122. You get full support from the company, and you don’t have to worry about the functioning of it as Logitech is a renowned brand name. You can get it installed easily either on your phone or even your desktop. However, if you go for a smartphone, you will have the control of your house all times even when you are out.


Apart from initial data charges to install the application, there is not much problem with the device and everything else is pretty smooth. Once you start using this device, you get the feel of the smart technology at all times. So, what are you waiting for? Order this amazing smart home control right away for your home and get started with a more comfortable and easy life.


#16. Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Amazon Alexa

Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Amazon Alexa

Busy lives tend to make us neglect good organization and keeping track of everything around us. While trying to simply finish all the chores we forget to keep the record of everything. Managing all the activities is very hectic and results in disorganization. A mere task of informing someone who is in another room can create a chaos. You may not be able to go up to that room so you have to choose the option of shouting out. There is a high probability of misunderstanding the message sent by yelling. The entire process may result in chaos and incomplete work. To avoid such chaotic situations at home and have a peaceful environment to make your house a perfect home, an intercom maker called Nucleus is available. Through the intercom, you can connect with people and easily convey your message or get any work that needs to be done. Since there are so many tasks to be done an intercom can help reduce your stress by making some work easy.

Features of the Nucleus Intercom System

The intercom by Nucleus is a touch screen intercom which can help you no matter where you are. Simply by tapping on the touch screen of Nucleus intercom you can be able to connect with other devices of Nucleus which are at home or which are with other people outside your home. Through the intercom, you can also get linked with the Nucleus app. The Nucleus app can be downloaded on both Android and IOS.

The Nucleus intercom has the capability of working with Alexa. With Alexa the intercom can function in an easier way. The intercom just needs to be given voice commands and it will get activated and will begin to function as per the voice command.

The intercom not only lets you connect to other people and devices but also can give you lot of other information. Through your voice command,  you can ask the intercom to read out the headlines for you or inform you about the weather. The intercom can even set the kitchen timer for you or play some music as and when you order. Working of the intercom becomes more fluent due to Wi-Fi connection. The device can work with Wi-Fi so you can do wireless audio or video chats. This product is a wireless intercom system because it can connect you to other through Wi-Fi. The intercom can let you take a view at the rooms in your house in such a way that you feel as if you are actually there. But when you need some privacy you can choose the do not disturb mode and close the camera shutter to let your room be out of view.


  • The intercom system is wireless
  • Provides information regarding things happening around
  • Can do setting and scheduling of other devices
  • Works through voice commands
  • Easy setup process


  • Expensive
  • No access to Pandora or Spotify


The wireless intercom system of Nucleus works on Wi-Fi and with Alexa. You can get access to your rooms and other information just by providing the voice commands. The price maybe high but it can efficiently convert your work easy and life less chaotic.


#17. Sylvania Lightify by Osram – Smart Home LED Starter Kit

To switch on the light you have to go to the switch and click the on mode. To switch off the light again you have to walk up to the switch and click the off mode. If you want to regulate the brightness of the light, you can do on the switch board itself. When you return to your house or enter a room you find it dark and in that darkness reaching the switch board without any problem or injury needs quite some efforts. Another fear is about security what if in your dark house there is someone who wants to harm, in that case, the darkness will be favoring the invader of your house. Solution to these issues is a smart home system which can provide you with complete control of your lightings even when you are away from home.

Sylvania Lightify by Osram - Smart Home LED Starter Kit

Osram Sylvania has launched lightify which is capable of providing full control over lights in a house. Not only homes but also other places like restaurants can create the desired ambiance with the help of smart home LED starter kit. With everything turning smart around us now we can have smart light bulbs too. Lightify can make lights smarter and function in various ways for providing a different experience of brightness to its users. Having a beautiful ambiance is not limited to a house or any indoor place even outdoors can be given a touch of fun with lightify. Brightness of lights can be changed, and even colours of the lights can be changed. Lights can cater to any mood due to the smart home system which makes the lights smart too.

With Sylvania Lightify lights can be regulated according to your mood or desire and from any distance. To brighten your lights smart, Osram Lightify lighting system should be connected to your lights. The system has a wireless Gateway and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. It can sync with Wi-Fi which is already present at your house or any other place where you want to connect the system. Sylvania Lightify has an application which can be downloaded on Android or IOS. The application can be used for an easier operation of the lights. It allows the user to select colours for the light, to schedule the light timings also to set different lighting scenes. The system takes three steps to get the system working. First step is the creation of a Lightify account, registration and scanning the gateway through a smart device. The second step is making the gateway sync with the local wireless network. The third step involves powering on the light sources so that they get paired with the gateway.


  • Control lighting through smartphone or tablet
  • Lights can be controlled even from far distances
  • Can integrate with the existing smart home system
  • Bulbs are bright and respond quickly


  • Setup process not well designed
  • Dimming does not happen easily


Bulbs in your house can be made smart through an intelligent lighting system like Sylvania Lightify by Osram, and you can get full control over the lights in your house easily. Enjoy various varieties provided by the system and experience different effects of lights.


 #18. Securifi Almond 3 (White): Complete Smart Home Wi-Fi system – Easy to Set up Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router, Built-in Security Siren, Universally Compatible with modems – Works with Alexa

Securifi Almond 3 (White): Complete Smart Home Wi-Fi system - Easy to Set up Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router, Built-in Security Siren, Universally Compatible with modems - Works with Alexa

Wi-Fi connection today has become one of the essential elements for any place. For the youth, a Wi-Fi connection comes in the list of basic daily needs. If Wi-Fi connectivity is not good, it can be quite disturbing. Weak connectivity of Wi-Fi is often found in some parts of the house. Even in places like offices or restaurants areas which are far from the router suffer due to low range of Wi-Fi. To overcome such situations people end up having two or more Wi-Fi modems. But another problem of setting and maintaining modems rises.

The best solution for weak connectivity or small range of Wi-Fi is a connection which is extremely durable and offers a range broad enough to cover the required space.

Features of Securifi Almond 3 Home System

Almond 3 is a smart home Wi-Fi system which provides wide seamless coverage of Wi-Fi network through mesh networking. The smart home system by Almond has multiple units that mesh together to produce a wide range of Wi-Fi network. The system is enlarged enough to cover an entire office area or a house. The Wi-Fi network does not simply provide a wide coverage but a recommended coverage that has the strong signal. The smart Wi-Fi system has been built with dual-band AC1200 Wi-Fi, siren for security and ZigBee radio. The home system not only provides a strong wide Wi-Fi connection but also provides a siren to ensure security.

Almond 3 provide a Wi-Fi range so wide that multiple rooms can use the same signal with good strength. The Almond 3 smart home Wi-Fi system makes Wi-Fi network available in every corner of the place. Each room can have strong access to the internet with the fast speed of the system can cover up to 1300 sqft. With a wide coverage of such areas with low range or weak signal in your house or office will not exist.

Along with a Wi-Fi connection Almond 3 can organize other things in your house too. Due to the ZigBee technology Almond 3 is capable of communicating with lights, locks, thermostats, locks and other such things. It can talk to these devices which are linked with the system and help you in their organization. The Almond 3 app which can be downloaded on Android and IOS helps the users gain information about all the devices which are connected to Almond 3 and also control the devices from anywhere. Alexa compatibility makes the controlling of the devices easier. Since Almond 3 works with Alexa all the devices which are connected with Almond 3 can be controlled through voice commands.


  • Strong, comprehensive covering Wi-Fi signal
  • Organisation of multiple connected devices
  • Security siren
  • Controlling through voice command


  • Limited data
  • Lacks DSL modem
  • Only 1-year warranty


Securifi Almond 3 provides various features to get a house organized in a smart way. It lets the users gain control though voice commands and contains information regarding the devices. Despite the cons, the system functions as an intelligent home system.


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