//Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Features, Specifications, Price and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Features, Specifications, Price and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S8: First Impression and Expectation

In February 2017, Samsung is anticipated to launch their next-generation Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress ’17. As per the latest report, Samsung has just introduced the firmware development for their newest smartphone.

Galaxy Note 7 was doubtlessly one of the most foreseen smartphones to be launched in the year 2016. The phablet had many things happening for it before the device was even announced.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features


Most of the tech critics anticipated that it would outperform its primary competitor, Apple’s iPhone 7+. Soon after Note 7 went on sale, the most heralded device of Samsung instantly turned into a horror, as the reports of collapsing and blowing up of Galaxy Note 7 started to spread like wildfire.

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Samsung issued a global recall, changed the defective devices and assured that the matter had been resolved. Unluckily, the customers started to report that Note 7 replacement units were facing the same blasting problem bedeviled in the first batch. Now, the sales and productions have been halted by the company, while carriers are also letting the customers choose the other Android phones or an iPhone 7+.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications


Apple is expected to advertise and puff extra 8 million iPhones by the end of 2016 because of the debacle of Note 7. While Samsung is presently dealing with the significant fallout by the Galaxy Note 7, the company is getting ready for a remarkable comeback with Galaxy S8 series next year.

Galaxy S8 is going to be featuring a 5.1” 2560 x 14440 pixels Quad High Definition curved Super AMOLED display, and Galaxy S8 Plus will boast a 5.5”, 3840 x 2160 pixels 4K curved Super AMOLED display according to the reports. Also, Samsung introduces a bigger S8 Plus with support for S-Pen Stylus, an important feature of the Galaxy Note phablet series.

One of the reports from SamMobile alleges that Samsung has just begun firmware development for Galaxy S8. According to the site, the software being made for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is for the use in China, US, Germany, France, Korea, Italy, UK, and Poland.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date


The disclosure points out that this news seems to confirm Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy S8 series at an open event one day before the Mobile World Congress, which is to happen on 27th Feb in Barcelona. It summarizes that the firmware development for S7 was also rolled out. Samsung used the same trade show for launching the S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 in the year 2015 and Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in the year 2016.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have so much to offer and will finally reveal out if Samsung can take back carrier and customer trust in the wake of Samsung Note 7 breakdown. To make sure that both have a fighting chance, Samsung is expected to put the devices through accurate and severe testing and use quality specs and updated design.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price


When the Galaxy S6 launched, it was priced nearly £600, however, the Galaxy S7 was launched at a cheaper rate of around £570. Now, chances are high that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 would have a price drop, too. Anyway, in order to get a proper idea, we should have to wait for a little more time.

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