//Renault Alpine: An Innovative Approach for the French Sports Car Industry

Renault Alpine: An Innovative Approach for the French Sports Car Industry

We’re Excited to Welcome the Alpine Sports Car Series from Renault

Alpine is a French manufacturer of sports and racing cars which used rear- mounted Renault engines. The founder of Alpine is Jean Redele. He was originally a proprietor of Dieppe garage. He started to get significant competition success in one of the few French cars which he made just after the 2nd world war.

In 1973, the company was purchased by Renault. Alpine models’ production stopped in the year 1995, and there are plans of relaunching the marque from the year 2017 onwards.

Through the History of 1990s

GTA Le Mans

In 1990s, a special edition broad- bodied GTA Le Mans was launched. It was mechanically identical to V6 Turbo. However, the engine was equipped with a catalytic converter, and the power was lowered to 185 bhp i.e. 138 kW. This model was accessible in the UK and RHD versions was introduced with a numbered plate on the dashboard.

Le Mans is the most valuable and collectible GTA derivative since just 325 were made (26 RHD and 299 LHD). These were accessible from the dealers of Renault in the UK and the motoring press of the country is slowly identifying the GTA series as the ‘Great unsung supercar of the 80s’.

Alpine A610

Renault Alpine A610

Launched in 1991, Alpine A610 was restyled inside and out. However, it was still identified as a derivative of GTA. The framework structure was exclusively revamped, but the middle box principal remained the same.

The frontal part of the car was completely redesigned, and the interior of the car was also improved significantly. Power steering and AC were fitted as standard.

The Alpine factory in Dieppe continues to grow; in the 80s they built the distinctive R5 Turbo cars, pursuing the rear engine formula they always use. They built all Renault Sports Spiders and Clio Williams.

Between the years 1989 and 1995, a new Alpine called A710 ‘Berlinette 2’ was created and two mock-ups were built. Due to the project cost of 600 million Francs– as adding contemporary equipment and interior endangered the performances and price– the plan was wiped out.

Expectations From Renault Alpine Sports Car

Renault Alpine Sports Car

Dieppe factory is famous as the manufacturer of Renault sports models which are sold across the globe. It was initially the ‘Alpine’ company which Renault secured when they seized the brand in the year 1973. All the Renault Sports tracks, gravel- and tarmac- racing Clios and Meganes are also made in Dieppe Factory.

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In Oct, ’07, it was reported that Patrick Blain, the marketing boss of Renault has revealed that there were ideas for many sports cars in the future lineup of Renault. But it’s repeated that the 1st model would not come until after 2010. He confirmed that Renault is implausible to pick up a new name for the future sports car and will apparently go with Alpine for branding it. Patrick described it as being a ‘radical sports car’ and not only a sports version of some natural model.

The exceptional Alpine sports cars will probably have a version of Premium Midship platform of Nissan GT-R.

Watch the racetrack of Renault Alpine A110 below:

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