//Hold Your Breath as Nokia Plans to Come Back with a Bang

Hold Your Breath as Nokia Plans to Come Back with a Bang

No millennium in our country has not seen a Nokia phone. The sturdy and the old phones from Nokia were the simple mobile phones which were designed for the job and had longer battery life than four smartphones combined today. Moreover, they seemed immortal as they never broke or had any problem in their functioning and other aspects.

But, then came the Android and iPhones with their myriad of feature and bringing every activity on the convenience of a phone. This is where the Finnish company’s handsets took a backseat and eventually faded into oblivion. Nokia partnered with Microsoft to have a grand comeback to the industry with its Lumia phones but failed at it miserably.

What’s New for Now?

Nokia Come Back

After leaving behind all those years of going down, Nokia has finally entered into a potentially successful partnership with Google and the phone manufacturer Foxconn.

In its attempt to make a comeback, Nokia has finally decided to put its faith in Google‘s successful Android operating system. HMD Global is the company which will be backing the sales of the new smartphones from Nokia sometime next year.

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However, just relying on Google’s Android operating system won’t be enough as the competition in this arena is cut-throat. Nokia’s comeback would take better features and high price as the market is already blooming with phones from Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola and myriad of other phone manufacturing companies.

Nokia veteran Arto Nummela who will be leading the comeback of Nokia’s phones believes that people are only carrying smartphones from different companies, but they are not loyal to it. When people talk about Nokia’s consumer phones, they rely on the brand name as the phones are cheap and functional to the core.

Expectations from Nokia’s Comeback 2017

The feature phones from Nokia were mainly marketed and sold in Asia, India and Eastern Europe. In terms of brand name, Nokia already has the trust and loyalty of its many customers. This is the point where The former well-known brand could eliminate a lot of brands in the market as not all of the growing phone companies enjoy the same brand name and reputation.

When we discuss the problems, Nokia will only face issues with the marketing and driving scale. They are already the genius when we consider the management experience. Moreover, they are being led by Nummela who has worked for Nokia’s sales and product development for years. He already has a plan and wants to ensure that Nokia becomes one of the main competitive players in the mobile phone industry in the coming years.

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HMD took the feature phone business from Microsoft which the company bought from Nokia in the year 2014. HMD has also struck a licensing deal with Nokia to use its brand name on the phones and tablets they will be manufacturing in the next decade. Nokia will obviously get all the royalties for the brand name and the patents but that’s it as HMD has partnered with Google for the operating system and the phone will be manufactured by Foxconn of Taiwan which is the largest contract manufacturer in the field.

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