//Nissan to Develop Internet-Connected Cars, With Maintenance Alert Options

Nissan to Develop Internet-Connected Cars, With Maintenance Alert Options

Big data technology has been one of the biggest achievements of this decade. Not only analyzing plenitude of data has become easier, but it has also helped in propelling many projects. Right from census of a country to the management of the money held in stocks and shares, everything has been possible with big data technology only.

Very soon, cars will also be using this revolutionary technology to help you get the best of services when you are driving.  Nissan Motor Co has taken the first step in monetizing internet-connected cars, and they are very confident about it.

Nissan’s Future Delivers Internet Cars

Nissan Internet Cars

When we talk about the competition between top companies for any product (especially cars, phones, and electronic appliances), innovation is the only thing that sets one company apart from the other. Nissan’s step to add this service to their future cars will ensure the big data technology to update the owner when they need to send in their car for maintenance.

Being the second largest car maker in Japan, Nissan has taken a significant step forward in the future. Every automaker is now investing in technologies that would help them build self-driving cars, and many companies have even come up with a prototype. Nissan is also one of them, and more than anything, it looks after the needs and likes of its customers. They are always looking for innovative ideas which will improve the customer experience inside the car.

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This new service will be available in the upcoming models and some of the previous ones in the year 2017 in Japan and India. Other countries will, however, have to wait till 2020.

Individual cars are something which people used to invest in heavily a few years back. But, with different mobility options like cab-sharing and ride-hailing available through the convenience of a mobile phone, people have shifted their interest, and it has become difficult for automobile companies to attract more customers.

Instead of this problem, many companies have already started working on this feature of internet connected cars. Toyota Motor Corp has added a similar feature in their domestic version of the Prius cars.

Ford Motor Co will be adding the feature through which the car would be able to communicate with the smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This feature will be seen in Ford’s cars by the end of the year.

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Nissan is already planning to market this feature and would have installed it in 30% of its cars shortly. Many people are wondering as to how this feature will help alert customers of any maintenance requirement. The answer is that the new feature will be backed by Telematics control unit which will work with the help of big data technology and analyze the car’s diagnostics. It would also help in finding out the location and other parts to ensure that everything is working smoothly. If there is anything, that detects even the slightest of a problem, the owner of the car will know it. Connectivity with the nearest dealer in the city and other such information will be crucial to the smooth functioning of this feature.

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