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Nintendo Switch: What to Expect

What Features Can People Expect from Nintendo’s Switch

There are a plethora of neat features in the Nintendo Switch, but is it enough to garner people’s interest into buying it.

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What Is The Nintendo Switch Touchscreen?

It’ll be the newest gaming platform that comes with a 6.2-inch screen and offers the multi-touch screen feature. It’s a step up from the current Wii U and 3DS platforms that are only one touchscreen.

Nintendo released a video trailer showing all these features, but it didn’t show off the Switch’s touchscreen capability. Industry experts think Nintendo is trying to convey the idea that the Switch is a console and mobile gaming device. If they showed off this capability, it could confuse those watching and take away from the Switch’s introduction.

Nintendo said reveal of the product was coming, which means the company could reveal more about the touchscreen.

Nintendo Switch Touchscreen

What’s The Battery Life Like?

When it comes to a mobile gaming platform, the battery life is what can make or break its success. The great aspect for Switch is that it comes with batteries that last at least three hours – maybe a little more. This is good since it’s key selling point is the gaming-on-the-go aspect.

Of course, Nintendo didn’t make a mention of this in the reveal. However, the Switch’s technical specifications, when released, will offer up this and a copious amount of other information for people to make an informed decision as to whether or not they should buy it.

What Kind of Price Could You Expect On the Switch?

Nintendo is certainly not going to repeat their mistake from the first release of the 3DS when they priced it at $250 when pricing the Switch. However, they’re not going to make it cheaper either. Instead, Nintendo will look at the various price ranges and determine what potential buyers justify is a good price to pay for the company’s latest tech gadget.

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