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Nexus 6P Review: Break Out the Shells of Android OS

Nexus 6P: Why is it Special?

A perfect frame for your life, Nexus 6P is assessed to fit your life and your hand. This amazing phone is precision engineered for performance and optimum comfort and devised from aeronautical-grade aluminum.

The Powerful Camera Which Catches More Light

Nexus 6P consists of the camera which shines in the low-light conditions. The camera’s larger 1.55μm pixels capture more light, even in the dingiest and dark conditions and produce sharp images with stunning details. With the Google camera app, you will never be missing a moment. And, with Google Photo application, your memories are always at the tips of your fingers and are easy to navigate.

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Pixel Size of 1.55μm

Capturing the light is quite like catching the rain in a bucket. The bigger the bucket you have, the more you’re going to collect. In case of the camera, these ‘buckets’ are the pixel size. And Nexus 6P is blessed with big buckets! 1.55 μm is among the largest pixel size for smartphones in Android.

Camera Lens Size of f2.0

The camera lens of size f/2.0 in Nexus 6P lets more light to come in and helps in capturing sharper images with stunning details.

4k Resolution

Capture all the details in ultra- High definition in the palm of your hands. You can shoot the videos in 4K resolution with Nexus 6P and get a high-definition, crisp look.

Easy To Find, Organized Photos


‘Google Photos’ is one latest way of storing, searching and sharing all your photographs and videos. You can store an infinite amount of videos and photos in high quality at free of cost and also access them anywhere. The photos get organized automatically and searchable. They get categorized by places, people and things in them. Hence, your memories are easier to look for and share.

Erected On The Basis Of Power

Display of 5.7” WQHD AMOLED

The phone has 518 pixels for every inch. Hence, it is ideal for watching movies, playing games and getting your work done with an amazing clarity.

Type- C USB

The type-C USB is reversible. It means that no more guessing is needed to know which way is up. Also, it is fast. You can use it for 7 hours after charging of only 10 minutes!

3450mAh Battery

The 3450mAh battery keeps your activities live without a hindrance at any point.

Nexus Imprint for Simplified Security


The Nexus 6P is more secure and quicker with the feature of a fingerprint sensor. Placed on the backside of your phone for complementing the way you naturally hold it, this smartphone will turn on your screen with a single touch; unlock the apps easily and quickly.  Also, by including the measurements every time you use it, the imprints of Nexus will get smarter with every touch.

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Everything that you love about Google is perfectly baked in Nexus 6P. It comes with pre-installed Google apps. Hence, it is ready for use the second it is out of the box. Maps, Search, Gmail, YouTube, and a lot more- available for you to enjoy on Nexus 6P.

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