//New Transportation Era? Hydrogen Fueled Train

New Transportation Era? Hydrogen Fueled Train

Is a new era in clean emissions on its way with a hydrogen fueled train?

Alstom has unveiled their plans for a hydrogen fueled train, Coradia iLint, at InnoTrans.

On September 20th Alstom presented their zero emission, hydrogen fueled train, at InnoTrans in Berlin.

The Coradia iLint’s only emission is condensed water and steam. It operates from a hydrogen fuel cell and has a low operating noise level. The CO2 emission free train will be used to replace the diesel trains that are still in use helping decrease air pollution. It will be offered as a full supply and maintenance package.

Alstom has been supplying diesel trains over the last 16 years. They have supplied over 2400 of their diesel trains, Coradia Lint 54, all over the world. They have a great history and are well set to be able to supply a large number of hydrogen fueled trains to the market.

The Coradia iLint will be manufactured in Alstom’s largest facility in Salzgitter.

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