//NAIM Mu-so Review: A Wireless System for the Music Lovers

NAIM Mu-so Review: A Wireless System for the Music Lovers

Why NAIM Mu-so?

There was a real-time when Bently Motors was searching for a premium audio package to plug into its luxury autos. It employed this fabled hi-fi British brand. Naim just introduces the Mu-so Qb which is a wireless speaker which is a miniature version of its inconsequential Mu-so, the $1500 boombox which Apple employees blast fiendishly loud after closing the shop.

Features of Naim Mu-So Qb


If you have been to an Apple store in the past year, you’ve probably seen the Mu-so. It is a modernist, long box which looks like kind of Jony drawn on a napkin.

The Mu-so Qb changes the form factor into an 8.6” cube. It may have a smaller footprint than that of a toaster, but it preserves the signature touch: glass touchscreen, subtly contoured grill, illuminated acrylic base which makes the Qb look like as if it is hovering above the mag-lev plinth. It also has an extruded heat sink which looks more decorative and beautiful than looking functional.

All the functions and programming are controlled by the iOS or Android device and the Qb touchscreen.

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In case the change in the taps of iPhone annoys you, you can spring from the alternative remote. It’s difficult to understand what is more bizarre- that Naim took the time for designing an antiquated admix or that it only charges $20 for it. The interface is visible, by the way.

The Naim app is visually uninspired and short of features. However, it is easy to use and is glitch-free. The bend-free cable inputs deliberately wrap in the back with every port a multi-format music lover wants 3.5mm analog, USB, optical and Ethernet.

Minimal, yet so visible and easily seen in a post-modern Patrick Bateman type of way, this Mu-so Qb is the perfect wireless speaker for popping out a glass wrapped designer apartment on the west side of Manhattan.

Prominent Construction

The development trickles craftsmanship and quality. The touchscreen disc, encompassed by a ring of pulverized aluminum, has the same appearance, weight, and obsessive haptic assessment as the one on the flagship of Naim ‘Statement’ amp. The remaining details- from the zero-fortitude seams to the portable speaker grill that feels and looks like it engineers for military spec- advantage from the same steadfast production guidelines.

You will see another thing which collates the Qb from its big brother. Mu-so is a 450 watt beast with six custom drivers. Qb is a 300-watt mini-me beat with five custom controllers, two mids, two microfiber dome tweeters and one woofer.

However, there’s nothing to worry about bass heads: the woofer gets an additional infrasound kick from 2 ‘pistonic bass radiators’ and a devoted 100-watt amp.

The Qb cabinet is a single piece of glass filled (20%) and injection molded polymer. It, in turn, means more rigidity, strength, and damping.


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