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Minecraft Education Edition November Release

As we all know Minecraft is a very popular game among kids and even some adults. By early 2014 Minecraft already broke the 100 million registered user mark and has continued to grow since. Now Minecraft introduces the Education Edition for kids.

The Minecraft Education Edition has been undergoing beta testing throughout the summer. The official full version is scheduled to be released on November the 1st. The fee once the full version is released will be $5 per user or apply for a district wide license.

Over 35,000 students and teachers have been testing the Minecraft Education Edition throughout the summer. These students and teachers are located all around the world.

The Minecraft Education Edition offers an open world that promotes problem solving, collaboration and creativity.

The Minecraft education platform is designed to help educators in providing a motivated environment to help their students learn.

Why was Minecraft used to develop an education platform?

Student Engagement

Since kids are now growing up in the digital age and highly engaged into their gaming systems what better way to get them engaged into learning.


Minecraft education edition allows students to work together to solve problems and overcome master challenges in the game. Having the students work together in teams can help develop their skills for their future.

Creative Exploration

The platform encourages the students self-direction and independence. Without the step by step instructions kids learn through a process of trial and error much like real life.

Tangible Outcomes

Educators can utilize the Minecraft Education Edition to map the students activities to specific curriculum and outcome.


It will be interesting to see how many schools take on the new program to teach the students and how well the students will learn from it. Check out the video below for more information on the Minecraft Education Edition.

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