//Macbook Air 2016 Review: Why Should You Go for it?

Macbook Air 2016 Review: Why Should You Go for it?

Macbook Air was initially brought out in 2008, but since then there have not been many changes that the users have experienced. However, the men behind Steve Job’s Apple has the innovative ideas bloomed in their minds, and they had been trying to sort them out all through these years.

Yes! Macbook Air 2016 is the latest news spreading in the technological arena.

You might have been checking out the Macbook Air 2016 reviews; here we’ve got something for you.

The new Macbook Air 2016 has been given a little growth, and it is has a 15-inch variant option, too, now.

The latest Macbook will be thinner than its former versions. Also, the lighter making of this product helps the users to carry it without much burden. It will have new cooling modules as well as new batteries.

Macbook Air 2016 Features


Mackbook Air 2016 has more to offer to its users this time. It has the USB Type-C integrating with the Thunderbolt 3. Moreover, the latest generation of Intel processors has given Macbook Air 2016 a higher reputation. The Skylake processors will be giving lots of benefits to this new gadget.

The power provided will be 10% to 20% faster, and the graphics will be 34% faster.

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If the Skylake processors are comparing with the other advanced processors like Broadwell, Skylake performs better. It also supports WiGig and WiDi short range. RAM upgrade and high-end graphics will be enjoyed by the users too.

The upcoming Macbook Air 2016 features have been the hot news since very long. The new options which are much advanced have allured the clients a lot. These upgraded features have appeared after a very long wait.

Macbook Air 2016 Specs


Macbook Air 2016’s light weight, extended battery, and all the other better facilities make it so much more convenient to use and are fulfilling the expectations to a real extent.

There is a trackpad which will have an Apple pencil of a better quality to use. This quality in the new Macbook Air 2016 has brought joy and excitement to many. Inertial sensor input will be present while operating the stylus, for instance, an air mouse mode, a joystick mode, a rotational controller mode, etc.

Macbook Air 2016 Price


To know all the features is important but to know the price of the product is important too. The 11-inch model starts at £749 and $899. The 13-inch model is for £849 and $999 onwards. The sizes have increased but not the price so one can find a 13-inch model for £749 and the 15 inch one for £849 onwards.

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Well, the range of the price tags of the products is similar to the before ones. But when it comes to Mac products people just tend to let their pockets loosen up. The features and the quality that Mac provides make the expenditure worth. Also, the reputation and satisfaction given by the products are so good that hesitation to the statement “it’s worth it” is seldom.

Macbook Air 2016 Release Date


The new Mac Air 2016 will be officially out on 25th October. All the gadget lovers who desire to grab the product can get it either via offline or online stores including Amazon. It is high time to get the upgraded product from Apple family. Grab it quickly and enjoy the experience!

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