//Case Study: Why MacBook Air 2015 is Better Than MacBook Pro 2016?

Case Study: Why MacBook Air 2015 is Better Than MacBook Pro 2016?

Which One: MacBook Air 2015 or MacBook Pro 2016? Don’t Get Confused. Here’s What You Want to Know!

Apple is not just a brand name; it has become a symbol of status quo in the society. If you think this, then you might not have used an Apple product before. Surely, the products that Apple launches are not easy in the pockets but the features they add to their iPads, iPhones and MacBooks are something that cannot be matched by any other company. Rival companies have tried to come up with something amazing and introduce features that will lure in more customers, but when you get comfortable using the Apple products, there is no turning back.

Macbook Air 2015 or Macbook Pro 2016

This can also be considered one of the reasons why today we are comparing two Apple products – MacBook Air 2015 and MacBook Pro 2016. While, it may seem like the one released recently will have the better features, the case here is different.

MacBooks are a series of laptops that are a trademark of Apple. While the MacBook Pro 2016 was being touted as the flagship product from Apple, the features of the MacBook Air are still resonating among the users. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide as to which one of the MacBooks are better, then you are at the right place. The detailed comparison that is to be followed in the coming paragraphs will answer all your questions and help you in deciding which one is better.

Screen Comparison of the MacBooks

screen comparison of the macbooks

Apple has a reputation for not only putting together the best specs in its laptops, but it has always taken the baton to introduce something new and better. It thinks ahead, and that is the reason why MacBooks are so light and come packed with every possible feature.

Back in 2012, Apple launched the first generation Retina Macbook Pro and at that time it was the highest resolution Macbook Pro in the market. However, Apple does not have that record to its name today, but it still strives to deliver some spectacular MacBooks which comes with LED backlit displays.

Now, whatever your reasons might be to buy a MacBook, it is always better to buy something that will deliver the best. A pixel perfect laptop is always great as you not only get the high-resolution screen for photographs or for that matter your Netflix streaming service. Every MacBook manufactured by Apple comes with great graphics, and MacBook Air is no exception to this, but it does not have a retina ready display.

This feature is exclusive to the MacBook Pros and MacBook series of Apple. The 13 inch MacBook Pro comes with a display of 227PPI, and the MacBook follows closely behind at 226 PPI.

If you want a bigger screen, then you will have to compromise on the screen resolution which will go down at 220 PPI. And if you are planning to buy a MacBook with the best possible screen resolution, then you should be ready with the high prices that will accompany.

Battery Life

Macbook Pro 2016 Battery Life

For people who don’t want to be defined by the walls of their house, you will need something that gives you a great battery life. It becomes a rare thing when the features that you are getting are top notch.

MacBook Air is the only handy laptop from the Apple family that provides you the longest battery life with 12 hours of wireless internet browsing and 12 hours of video playback on iTunes. What more do you want from a MacBook? Wait, it gives you 30 days of standby time as well.

If you are already complaining about the 12-hour long battery life of the MacBook Air, then you will highly disappoint in the 10-hour long battery life, which is being promised by MacBook Pros released this year. 12 hours is obviously better than 10 hours and this time is enough to get you through a dreadful day of 9-5 or even the long flight. So, regarding battery life, MacBook Air beats both MacBook Pro and MacBook range of laptops.


Macbook Pro 2016 Longevity

Apple products stand out not just for the design and sheer excellence behind their creation, but for the operating software as well.  If you have been using Apple products long enough, you would know that Apple has come up with its operating system and that is what makes it different from an android phone. Apple netbooks and MacBooks can be easily synced to your iPhones and give you much needed functionality and control of your work life.

To ensure this, all the products in the Apple store have the latest version of the operating system which is the OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

MacBook users will have to upgrade to the recent versions of Macbooks as Apple is planning to bid adieu to the old software and it will be ingraining new upgrades in every single Apple product. The new range of MacBooks will be faster, thanks to the second generation processors which they will receive.

But, if you are still planning to stick to your old MacBooks, then MacBook Air is a better choice as it will only get an upgrade that will improve the RAM. No significant changes will be seen in this MacBook. As for the longevity is concerned of the MacBooks, they will return with an even advanced version, be it the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro.

Pricing of the Macbooks

Macbook Pro 2016 Pricing

This is the part where you face the actual reality because if you are going to an Apple store, you shouldn’t expect anything inexpensive. For all the features MacBooks are offering you, this is your time to invest properly. But, if you are strict with your budget and want to go for something that is in under the range of 1100 pounds, then you will have to say goodbye to the 15-inch variant.

The 15 inch MacBook Pro variant is priced in the range of 1599 to 1999 pounds. You can buy the 13-inch variant at a lesser price, but if you are still conscious about the budget, then MacBook Air will fit the bill perfectly.

MacBook Air of 11 inches with 128 GB hard drive and 4 GB Ram comes at the price of 749 pounds, but if you desire more storage space, then you can buy MacBook Air, 11 inches of 256 GB hard drive at the cost of 899 pounds.


Macbook Pro 2016 Portability

Another important factor when you are buying a laptop is its portability. If you can’t get a laptop that is lightweight and sturdy, then what is the point of spending all the money? Well, you are blessed in the case of MacBook Pro as this series offers laptops that come at just a weight of 0.92 gms which is by far the lowest in the entire industry of laptops.

You won’t get a much lighter laptop than this MacBook, but when it comes to sturdiness, MacBook Air steals the show. An 11 inch Macbook air will come at 1.08 kg, but it will be sturdier and ultimately the one that you will want on your road trips and other journeys.

While the MacBook Pro is light, you don’t want your laptop to be slipping out of your hands, right? So, this feature depends ultimately on you. Whether you want light or sturdy will depend on your needs and lifestyle.

Power and Ports

Macbook Pro 2016 Power and Ports

We all know the importance file sharing and media storage devices hold in our life. But, Apple is pretty convinced that we don’t need it in our life anymore, and this is probably one of the important reasons why you might not see much of the ports in the coming MacBooks.

Apple has stopped believing in the creation of anything that is meant for our world, and they are creating everything for the wireless generation (which has not completely arrived). This is why you might not have a full array of ports and power plugging options in the MacBook Air. In such open spaces, the MacBook Pro has a moment as it comes with two Thunderbolt ports, with each of them having blazing speeds of 20 Gbps and a USB 3.0 port (transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps). Along with this, you also have the privilege of using the HDMI port, 3.5mm headphone port, and an SDXC card reader slot.

So, if you consider yourself a power user and require all the ports and are still not ready to give up on your wired devices, then this MacBook has the highest number of ports in the lineup. MacBook Air is not far behind as it has the same number of ports, but instead of two Thunderbolt ports, you get one, and the lack of this has been made up with two USB 3.0 port.

While for your charging needs, the MacBook Pro comes with a USB type C port to handle everything. If you are wondering as to what happened to your good old Type A port and the MagSafe, then you would be heartbroken to know that they are gone.

Which One Looks Better?

Hope you already got an idea on what we should expect from the brand new Macbook Pro 2016!

Let’s come to the appeal and look of the MacBooks and see which one is winning here. If you are still waiting for a 17 inch MacBook, then be ready to be disappointed as the largest screen comes at 15 inches. Apple manufactures MacBooks in two ranges – 13 inches and 15 inches.

Apple has been the proud leader when it comes to excellent design, and great looking laptops and MacBooks are proof of their mastery of the same. MacBook is the only series of laptops that are razor thin and that makes them stand out from the other laptops in the industry. The new series of MacBooks had ditches the traditional QWERTY keypad and swapped it for a butterfly design keyboard. This new innovative design is shallow and has a dramatic edge to it, which might take a little time to get used as an advanced laptop user.

It also comes with a trackpad that is bigger than the one you found in the previous versions of the MacBook which is force touch enabled.

The entire body of the MacBook series has been made of Aluminium, and the 15-inch variant is 14% thinner and 20% lighter in volume. If you want even lighter and thinner, then the 13-inch variant will do justice to your needs. When it comes to the color in which you can buy these coveted MacBooks, there is rose gold, space gray, silver, and gold.

The entire series of MacBooks is sleek and stylish but the classic wedge design of MacBook Air and its solid colors haven’t lost their charm, and they are still selling because of the laptop’s great functionality.

Final Judgement

MacBook Pro 2016 or MacBook Air 2015?

Both have their unique features which convert them as the flagship product of Apple. It never disappoints when it comes to specs and weight. You won’t get any laptop thinner than this. However, when we think of choosing among the two, you have to be your own judge. While there is butterfly keypad in MacBook Pro, the storage space and price of MacBook Air is always better.

After carefully assessing each feature of the two MacBooks, you might have been a little disappointed with the latest release from Apple. While the new MacBook Pro seems like it is the one that has been made for you, the sad reality is that it is not. It is only loaded with a single port (life would be so much easier if it had a few more ports) and the price is not only high for an Apple product, but it is skyrocketing for a product that doesn’t beat the previous version in functionality and almost everything else.

So, if you were headed out to buy the new MacBook Pro 2016, you might want to go through all the reasons mentioned above as to why a MacBook Air 2015 is better than MacBook Pro 2016. After all, you don’t want to spend extra money on an Apple product which will not be anywhere near your expectations, right?

Here’s what Apple Insider has to say about the both versions of Mac:

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