///LingLong DingDong: An Amazon Echo Knockoff from China

LingLong DingDong: An Amazon Echo Knockoff from China

Artificial intelligence combined with the fast paced technology of today’s world introduced yet another fantastic product called Amazon Echo.

Echo is a smart speaker device that was launched in the market in the year 2014. Since then, this Amazon product has become a household name because it is not only meant for the entertainment purpose which includes playing music, but the product is also helpful in ordering things online.

The cylindrical shape of the device makes it one of the chicest accessory to add to your living room. Moreover, the device is highly popular for its practicality and ease of use. So, when you have a device that has become a huge hit already, a Chinese company called Beijing LingLong has decided to go one step ahead and create their advanced version of the Amazon Echo.

LingLong DingDong: The Amazon Echo Competitor

LingLong DingDong

This leading technology company has already announced the revel’s title – LingLong. Recently launched for the people of China, the device is much similar to Amazon Echo, both concerning design and functionality.

Since the device will be catering to the people of China, DingDong has added another feature which will help the device in recognizing the languages, Mandarin and Cantonese. The device has been programmed to decipher approximately 95% of the dialect spoken by different people in the country. If you are living in China, then you can purchase the device for 698 Yuan from the online retail company – JD.com.

Built on the lines of Amazon Echo and Google Home, LingLong has almost all the features under its belt and will make your life much easier; as in every product, there are certain limitations too. However, these limitations would be removed with the future updates and versions of the device as the company progresses to launch the device around the globe.

The limitation which might be a little glitch for you includes the one response per question or command unlike the other devices – Google Home and Amazon Echo.

You will be able to know about the various stock listings on the stock exchange market through LingLong. At its launch event, the company assured the audience that they will enhance the device with further updates and the use of artificial intelligence. In its efforts to ensure that people are not distracted by these small hindrances, DingDong has added a voice service platform to the device to ensure that you don’t have any problem in understanding the devices settings and various consoles.

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In addition to this, the company has gone a step ahead to improve the user-experience of the device. You can easily control all the appliances in your house with the help of this single device.

Explore the unseen potential of the digital world through this product, ask directions and even schedule the English classes for your young ones. The English classes will be sanctioned by a third party company which has been known to deliver excellent classes for the same.

People are already accepting the product as can be seen on the various social media sites and with its amazing features, it will garner rave reviews as well.

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