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Lenovo Yoga Book Review: A Different Class Laptop of 2016

Lenovo Yoga Book – the Future of Convertible Laptops?

The recent addition to the world of laptops that still need a definite description is the Lenovo’s Yoga Book. Launched in the market just a couple of days back, the Yoga Book is a two-in-one laptop/ android version. That is the precise definition of this effort by Lenovo in the market of convertible laptops which serve the purpose of both a laptop and a tablet.

Lenovo wanted to manufacture a practical device that could be easily carried around. Well, this is one purpose which it has fulfilled as the Lenovo Yoga Book is very light that you can literally carry around anywhere. But, what about the other features and its functionality?

Here we’re introducing the Lenovo Yoga Book review for all those tech gadget lovers.

Positive End of the Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga Book Review

The feature that amazed everyone about the Yoga Book is the incredibly different Wacom sketching pad which opens the way to your traditional QWERTY styled keyboard within just one click. It is a notable feature which will go down well with creative professionals as a stylus can easily work on the sketching pad. But, if you want to work on paper, then that can be easily done on the pad.

The entire laptop weighs just 1.5 pounds and is 0.9 mm thick. It makes this as the slimmest version of a laptop that you can get out there. So, when you are carrying this around with you, it will not feel like a laptop but just like a regular notebook that you can easily carry in your hand. It comes in both the Android versions and also the Windows 10 version.

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It also supports with a 10.1 inch full HD multi-touch display which promises you stunning graphics. Lenovo Yoga Book review won’t be complete without letting you know the downside of this futuristic device. So, read on to find that out.

Negative End of the Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga Book Review

Aiming to work both as a laptop and tablet, the Yoga Book emerges as a winner when it’s viewing as a tablet. Hence the Android version is picking up. It doesn’t hit us with enough ports. You only get a single Mirco-USB port and an audio jack. And that’s pretty according to our point of view. Also, the futuristic keyboard is something that won’t hold up for long hours of typing activities.

The Atom processor that the Yoga Book introduces is the basic one. It is supported with a 4 GB RAM which is something that will work perfectly for the Android versions.

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What do you think after reading this Lenovo Yoga Book review? Should you go for it?

Well, if you are looking for a slim convertible that will serve your tablet needs, this will be good for you. You can carry it around easily.

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Creators or artists will find the Sketching pad more helpful. The price of this convertible laptop is reasonable with the Android version starting at $500, and the Windows 10 will cost you $50 more.

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