//How to Take Screenshot on Galaxy S3?

How to Take Screenshot on Galaxy S3?

Samsung’s most popular series has to be the Galaxy phones, and one of the widely used phones in this series is the Galaxy S3. It has been two years since it was first launched in the market by the Korea-based company, but the number of users of this phone has not diminished.

In fact, with updates and tweaks, the Galaxy S3 has become Galaxy S3 LTE which allows 4G connections. Unlike the original Galaxy S3, this device has many features that help in keeping its customer base intrigued. Other tweaks in this new version include the RAM, which is 2 GB compared to the earlier 1 GB model.

Taking Screenshots Are Easier in Samsung Galaxy S3

how to screenshot on galaxy s3 without power button

The question which will be addressed in this article is how to take a screenshot on Galaxy S3. Be it for sending those important conversations or just a photo that you liked on Instagram, there are plenty of reasons why screenshots have become an important part of everyone’s life. In fact, an average person’s screenshot folder has more images than the selfies or pictures they take on a daily basis.

It is not only the Instagram feed which has important photos or information, but every social media also has something worth sharing and that is why you should know how to take a screenshot on Galaxy S3.

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If you have been taking screenshots of your computer screen to share a piece of data in the workplace then you must be aware of the PrintScreen option, right? But, when it comes to taking screenshots on phone, the process is a little different.

The option to take screenshots was initiated in every android phone by Google back in 2011. Even in the different handsets of Galaxy phones of Samsung, there is a different method to take a screenshot.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Screenshot Shortcut

how to take a screenshot on galaxy s3

For your Samsung Galaxy S3, you just have to open your phone. Ensure that the content you have to capture lies in the middle of the screen and there are no toggles or other such distractions. Now, you just have to hold the ‘power’ as well as the ‘home’ button together. If you press one button before the other, you won’t be able to take the screenshot. Hence it is absolutely necessary to hold both the buttons together.

That’s it! You are done. There are different folders created in the gallery for screenshots. The title of the folder will be given in your gallery.

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Another option to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S3 model is the lush screen option. For this method to work, you will have to drag your whole hand across the screen from right to left and it is done. This process is a little tricky and will require some getting used to the same. In order to take a proper screenshot, you will have to swipe over the entire screen.

So, with this, hopefully, you won’t have any problem in taking accurate screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Watch the video below to get the real idea on taking screenshots using your Samsung Galaxy S3:

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