//How to Make YouTube Videos with Pictures and Music?

How to Make YouTube Videos with Pictures and Music?

Are You Thinking of Entering into Vlogging or Starting a YouTube Channel? Here’s What You Should Know.

Almost all the amazing things on the internet are available for free, and YouTube is no exception. It is not only the best but also the widest video sharing website which has innumerable videos. People from all around the globe can easily start their own channel and upload videos on a regular basis. In fact, today’s generation is voicing their opinion and uploading videos about political and social issues as well.

YouTubers is a term which has gained popularity in the past few years. People who have their own YouTube channels and get the maximum number of views are the ones who are called YouTubers. If your videos can attract thousands of viewers, you can even earn a pretty good amount of money.

The basic criterion for earning money through YouTube is simple. Your video should go viral. You should become a Youtube sensation who is ready to break all the records. So, if you want to become an internet star, the foremost skill you should learn is how to compile great Youtube videos.

For people who just want to create simple videos to educate people on an individual topic, Youtube videos can be easily made through music and pictures as well. In fact, it is easy and can be achieved in few simple steps. Before setting out on your path to creating a Youtube video, you should be aware of the fact that Youtube is owned by Google and uploading anything that goes against the sentiments of any group or section of society will be banned. Moreover, if Google finds your videos obscene or vulgar, then they will take it down.

So, if you are planning to upload videos on YouTube, ensure that it complies with the rules and regulations as stated by the Google.

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Simple Videos with Music and Pictures

create youtube videos with music and images

When you are just learning to make a video, you have to go for the easy way. However, it has to be done from scratch in any case.

The first step in your quest to make youtube video is to have a music file. Since you will be using music and pictures, you need to make sure that you have at least one copy of the song you will be embedding the video on your computer. You can either buy it or download it online. Avoid pirated copies of the song and go for the original version either from the iTune store or any other music store.

Next step is a tricky one for people who have no idea what kind of video they will be uploading. If you are not sure about the niche of your video, then you will have to rummage through all the pictures you have on your desktop, phone or camera. The beauty of Youtube is that you can upload any video. You just need to have good quality pictures to create one stellar video.

When people curate a video for Youtube, they either choose album artwork, shots of a band playing music or even pictures of friends hanging out at a coffee place (ring a bell?). The point here is that you can be as creative as you want when you are creating a Youtube video. Many people just upload lyrics of the song they are attaching in the background. Even if it does not tell a story, it still is a video and can earn you money.

So, you can create two types of videos here. One that showcases lyrics and the one that has a personalized set of photos from your own personal gallery! Let us first understand how to make a sweet video.

Creating an Emotional YouTube Video with Music and Pictures

Create Emotional YouTube Videos

Along with the pictures of the lyrics and the song (of course), you will need to have an editing program that helps you edit and tweak things at the end. A lyrical video has to display every word in sync with the music. When you put a song in a YouTube video, the words or the lyrics of the song should appear at the same time without any delay.

When you have chosen the song for your video, you need to make sure that it is on your computer. One important note to keep in mind at this point is the quality of the sound. Whichever song you choose, it should be of high quality as a fuzzy or scratchy sound won’t get you the desired result you want for your lyrical video.

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Now, it is time to choose the aspect ratio for your video. You can create one without this feature as well, but then YouTube will add its fillers in the background and at the edges which will bring down the quality of your video and make it less appealing visually. The aspect ratio should be of 16:9 for YouTube videos.

Quick Fix: If you are unable to set an aspect ratio for your video, it is better to either download software that will help you do so or go for a black border. This way, when Youtube tries to add black fillers to the sides of your video, it won’t be visible or look odd.

For those videos, where you don’t have to add a black background, the next step is important. You will have to choose the colour scheme for your YouTube video. It is always better to go for bold solid colours so that the text of the lyrics stands out. Always use colours that can be easily distinguished from each other. Hence, go for contrasting colours as you want your viewers to differentiate between the lyrics and the background. People also add a soothing image as the background. But, you should only do that for music that is slow and has a soothing music.

When you are adding images as the background for your song, make sure it blends in with the mood of the song you choose. You cannot put images of ecstasy or blissful evening for the lyrics of Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist,’ right? So, take care of the images as well.

Next, come the font and the style of the lyrics. Never go for a font style that is complicated to decipher. The viewer wants to read the lyrics so that he/she can understand what the song is all about. So, go for simple fonts of Times New Roman or even Ariel.

Quick Fix: It is always advisable to use large fonts for placing the lyrics of your video so that it fills the entire screen. This way the viewer will not have any problem understanding the specific words.

You can put a variety of different fonts in the same video but doesn’t experiment too much as this could spoil the entire consistency of your YouTube video. Since you will be writing lyrics on a page that will later become a picture; you should pace out the entire song properly.

This means that if a song is fast, like Eminem’s raps, you might want to place a whole paragraph in the same picture so that the viewer doesn’t get confused. On the other hand, for slow songs, you can pace out single lines in different pictures. When you are creating images for your songs, don’t forget about the title page. It is important to give credits to the original composer and singer of the song.

The title page will also tell the viewer that they are at the right place as you will give the title of the song as well. Using the video maker software, you can start compiling your YouTube video with the right music and lyrics. You just have to add the pictures and music and sit back. Once the entire video is compiled, check for any delays or any other glitch in the video and edit it. Your final lyric Youtube video with pictures and music is ready to be uploaded on the internet and shared on social media.

Creating a YouTube Video with Real Life Pictures and Music

create normal youtube videos

Moving on to the more basic and shared type of videos that you can find on YouTube today is the one where you use real shots from your phone or camera. This could just be a mere compilation of the pictures you already have or you can create a video to pay tribute to a celebrity.

What makes a video go viral and others not? The simplest answer to this question is the title and the preview image. When I am scrolling through the suggestions on my home page, I search for a good title and of course, the thumbnail or the preview as well. It has to be interesting. The title of your YouTube video has to be catchy.

To create your video, you just need a good movie maker or any other video editing or video making software, and there are plenty available on the internet. For all the MacBook users, you have iMovie which gives you a plethora of options to compile an amazing video in no time. You just need to have all the pictures in one folder and the music as well. iMovie is a pretty self-sufficient video making app which will help you add the right music and pictures in no time.

For creating a new video in iMovie, you will have to select the option of ‘New Event’ from the drop-down menu. And then you are all done. You just have to sit back and relax.

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Youtube’s Slideshow Video Maker

YouTube Video Making Software

Some of the other popular ways to create a Youtube video include the Youtube’s Slideshow Video Maker. It does what it says. You get a slideshow of pictures with animations and effects along with a great song at the background.

The best part about this feature from YouTube is that you don’t have to download any extra software. It is there in your Youtube account. When you go to the ‘Create’ button, there comes an option which says ‘Photo Slideshow’ and this is what will help you in getting great slideshow videos.

Just click on that button and choose your stack of photos and music. When you are done with the selection of photos for your video, you can rearrange them according to your will. The animations and effects can be added from ‘Edit settings’ button. Once you are satisfied with the quality of your video and the order and duration of the entire video, you are good to go.

Other Softwares for Creating YouTube Videos

YouTube Video Making Ezvid Software

When you ask the question of “How to make youtube videos using pictures and music,” there is not just a single straight answer. People are making videos either through a simple software available in everyone’s Youtube account, or they install sophisticated software to do the job for them. In fact, many famous YouTubers upload BTS as well. BTS is behind the scene action of the entire video making and editing process.

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Some of the other youtube video makers that you can use for your video making and editing process is the Ezvid or Windows Movie Maker. While Windows Movie Maker is a pretty decent version of making movies and slideshow videos, Ezvid is more complicated and comes with effects and filters to ensure that you get a great video. Ezvid even has a screen recorder, so if you want to capture something from your desktop, you can do that as well.

You just have to download one of this software and install them on your computer. Once you are done with the video editing and making process, you will have to choose the format of the video. You can either go for the standard MP4 or FLV, MOV, WMV. These are the top file formats which are played on the mainstream media players, and this would cover all your intended viewer base.

So, not only does a simple Youtube video requires a simple process but there are other things that you have to have basic knowledge. Once you have downloaded all the right tools from the internet, you will be able to create the best Youtube video you can.

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