//Google Self-Driving Car: Experience the Trendsetter of Future

Google Self-Driving Car: Experience the Trendsetter of Future

When we talk about the driving skills of the humans, some people may find it difficult to understand the actual rules. Not everyone is equally adept at the skill of driving a car on the highway or a busy and a crowded street. The worst scenario is when people fail to drive properly; it results in unexpected accidents.

US alone has the highest rate of road accidents and the deaths every year. Around 2 million deaths take place all around the world just due to road accidents. When we peek into the reasons behind the road accidents, boozing and driving is one factor due to human error.

what does the google maps car look like

So, don’t you think it will be better if we’re careful enough while driving through the roads? For the people who are physically and visually impaired, they won’t have to rely on the mood of others to drive them around the city. This would be possible with Google’s latest project called the Google self-driving car.

Why Google Self-driving Cars?

Google Self Driving Car Steering Wheel

Apart from the reason that they are going to be the next generation cars, Google self-driving cars would be a major help to everyone. They have been designed with utmost precision. Also, they would be able to detect objects which are far away (two football fields away) in every direction. It can detect everything right from a pedestrian, cyclist, vehicle to a rock that could be a problem. Smallest debris or a fluttering bird would also be detected by the sensors in these self-driving cars.

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The prototype of the Google self-driving cars is already being tested on every possible terrain. They have already carried out 2 million test drives to ensure that there won’t be a glitch in these cars when it is finally launched in the market.

Google Self Driving Car: How it Works?

google self driving car how it works

Google is known for developing many things, and this self-driving car belongs to Google Project X, which is the aegis of which Google is producing many electric cars. Production of self-driving cars will take us one step ahead in the future. Because it is not only important to have cars without drivers, but also to ensure the safety on the road.

These automotive are known as autonomous car too. There are certain rules which need to be followed prior to the launch of driverless cars. Even for the test drives, proper legislation was required from the authorities which were passed in the year 2011 for Nevada. Till now, four states and Washington DC have been allowed to own these prototypes tested on the road.

The first self-driving car that was ever seen on the road (as a prototype) was a Toyota Prius. It was modified with the technology that Google was testing for many years now. After the launch of Prius, this driverless technology created by Google was tested in an Audi TT and Lexus RX450h.

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Everything that the Google self-driving car offer won’t be possible without the highly fundamental map structure it uses. That is an astonishing achievement ever witnessed by the technological area.

Here’s a short video from the media’s panel regarding the arrival of self driving car from Google’s family:

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