//Google Pixel Review: The Best Smartphone Ever Released with Android OS

Google Pixel Review: The Best Smartphone Ever Released with Android OS

Google Pixel Guarantees the Revolutionary Changes in Android Smartphone Industry

We all know that Google has officially launched the Google Pixel at the beginning of October 2016. Google is an American corporation which specializes in technology and offers various products and services. This includes online search engine technology, computing software, and hardware.

Google also owns the Android OS which is recognized as the most popular Smartphone Operating System ever released. This makes Google as one of the renowned Internet companies in the world.

Google Pixel is the first ever Google-branded Smartphone which was released at an event in San Francisco. It replaces the Nexus series and also showcases what Android has to offer in the industry.

Google Pixel Release


The Smartphone from Google family is already available for pre-order in Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK. Not only this, but it is also available for pre-order in India from October 13th.

Features and Specifications


The Smartphone includes a 5.50-inch touch-screen with a resolution of 1440 pixels by 2560 pixels per inch.

It is powered by 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM. It has an internal storage of 32 GB and 128 GB which cannot be expanded further.

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Also, the 12.3 MP rear camera which is claimed by Google to be the “best.” The device offers a shorter capture time than any other Smartphone camera with built-in stabilization, and it also has 8 MP front camera.

Google Pixel is available in three colors namely Blue, Silver and Black. It has an imprint fingerprint sensor for security purpose. Pixel has a battery life of 2,110 mAh while Pixel XL has a battery life of 3,450 mAh.

Pricing of Google’s Latest Smartphone


At a price of $749, Pixel offers specifications in hardware similar to that of OnePlus 3. Google Pixel doesn’t necessarily come with a specification sheet and is made by HTC. In the case of after-sales service, consumers will have to approach HTC.

Pixel Launcher


Google Pixel and XL Smartphone have the new launcher which has various distinctive features. It has a long press dialer to showcase the recent contacts. Not only this, there is a new layout for the apps in the launcher.

Data Transfer

Google Pixel phones have the unique data transfer option which allows the user to transfer all the data including photos and messages from iOS/Android device to the new Pixel phone. To make it more compatible, Google has added another feature of Quick Switch Adapter.

Live in-built Support


The Pixel Smartphone brings the full-time live support for Google’s customer service. Not only this, but Pixel users will also be able to directly contact the customer service to let the task easier for them. It will help in detecting the problem, and also the users can pause the screen in the middle of the live chat with the customer care executive.

Battery Performance

The Pixel phone has a long-lasting battery which can be charged by 18W charger. However, in Pixel phones the battery performance depends on various features like network configuration, the strength of the signal, the age of the battery and the device settings.

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