//Fitbit Surge Review: An Alternative for Apple Smartwatch

Fitbit Surge Review: An Alternative for Apple Smartwatch

The Fitbit Surge is the company’s real-time true sports tracking wearable watch aiming at those who love cycling, running, and working out.

Fitbit can be described as the “most sophisticated tracker to date”, and along with GPS built-in and optical heart rate sensing, it is much more than a fit for sports watches. All these properties of this wearable transform it as a unique product like Apple Smartwatch.

Build Quality, Design and Display of Firbit Surge

Firbit Surge Review

Unlike the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit Zip that came before Fitbit Surge, the Surge spurns the traditional activity chaser band form feature and it’s definitely more elegant timepiece than the fitness tracker.

The Fitbit Surge’s rubber strap, that comes in black, tangerine, or blue looks pleasant enough and, crucially, is both secure and comfy. But it is hard to look past that dated looking exhibit and the increase in inch from the module bottom to top end is somewhat bizarre.


The display of the watch is a rather plain looking touch screen neutral 1.25-inch LCD number which uses a plethora of bluish gray variants for its various home screens and menus.

There’s a private button on the left side to switch between the live sight mode of your daily stats and the function screen. This also switches from a glow on dark to shade on light color setup and the two buttons on the right side are used as the selection inputs.

This capacitive and physical control arrangement works seemingly well; however, it’s easy to steer around the Surge’s features and options without getting lost, and we have had enormously no issues with touch screen receptiveness, even in the pouring rain.

Activity and Sleep Tracking


These statistics are not only synced to the Fitbit app but they are also demonstrated on the device’s display. From the usual clock face, you simply filch left and you’ll see your entire daily total on display. It’s extremely easy to use and much less complex than opening up an application to see how you’re doing.

Heart Rate Monitoring

It has 24/7 heart rate supervision, using Fitbit’s new Pure Pulse technology (which is also found in the Fitbit Charge), is a chief feature of the Surge and it puts the device directly up against the likes of the Microsoft Band.

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This means that, not only can you employ the built-in optical heart rate antenna to guide you during workouts session, and allow you to do thorough bpm training, one can also monitor your latent heart rate every day, allowing you to supervise it over time and see what events and actions in your life cause it to alter.

Fitbit Surge: GPS Running and Workouts

The next immense function which helps the Surge stand out from the mass is the enclosure of GPS connectivity. It means that you can now track running using a Fitbit wearable without the requirement of taking your smartphone out with you.

It’s simple to start a run with the Surge, simply steer to the main running home screen.

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