//EGX 2016 eSports Roundup

EGX 2016 eSports Roundup

The popular EGX event has continued to grow over the years and the eSports scene at the event has become larger; it now features a wide range of competitions for professional gamers to get involved in.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive had the largest prize pool this year with a $100,000 cash pool for the Gfinity invitational; EnVy Us rook first place in the grand final and won the $50,000 top place prize. The team has won the EGX competition for two years in a row now and took a clear 3-0 victory over Mousesports for the perfect victory. The second place team was still able to walk away with a $30,000 prize.

Street Fighter V was the only other tournament to feature a cash prize pool; players fought for a piece of the $15,00 prize pool at the Capcom Pro Tour. The pro from Taiwan, GamerBee, took first place and UK Street Fighter player Ryan Hart took the second place.

There were also two other games with tournaments during EGX but neither of these had cash prizes for the victors; players were rewarded in different ways however with these tournaments handing out special goodies to competitors. EGX also hosted a Tekken 7 tournament, there was some great competition over the event but KingJae ultimately won.

A large number of Overwatch tournaments also took place; the FPS game was released earlier this year and has become incredibly popular as both a casual and competitive game. These Overwatch competitions took place every day and were hosted by EpicLAN but were based inside the EGX venue; each day had different winners which gave all teams a chance to win.

EGX is scheduled to take place against next year and gamers can expect to see just as many tournaments at the event next year; considering the games lined up for this Fall, it’s possible that more eSport tournaments will be taking place with a larger variety of games.

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