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Chromecast Ultra: 4K Streaming Made Simpler

Chromecast Ultra is a streaming device which you can plug into the HDMI port of your TV and stream up to 4K Ultra HDR and HD quality over your Wi-Fi network. It provides reliable and fast performance with smoother streaming and minimal buffering. Use your iPad, iPhone, and laptop or Android devices for streaming millions of cast-enable applications.

Easier Way to Get 4K Video and A Lot More To Your Television

Google Chromecast Ultra

Your phone is a powerful and simple remote. Open the mobile applications which you already love and know for quickly accessing the things such as your playlists, TV shows, your queues, etc. You do not require any downloads or new logins.

Picture-Perfect – Up To 4K Ultra HDR And HD

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You will enjoy the deeper color, crisp picture, and smoother videos when streaming the 4K content on a 4K TV with the Chromecast Ultra. No matter your TV is an HD or a 4K, Chromecast Ultra fundamentally optimizes your content to get the best quality picture possible.

Small in Size, Huge in Performance

Get your favorite shows playing smoother, faster and more reliably with the robust processing power of Chromecast Ultra. Even if your Wi-Fi network is not prepared for the demands of 4K, Chromecast Ultra has built-in Ethernet adapter which enables you to enjoy the rock solid streaming than a wired connection.

Chromecast Spec: Everything That You’re Going to Adore

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TV Screen or A Picture Frame?

This is the time when you are not streaming, but you can convert your television into an alluring background of images. Customize your television screen with Facebook, Google Photos, headline news, famous artworks, etc.

Mirror the Android Screen

Stream accurately and mainly what you see on your tablet screen or your Android phone to your television. Your videos, your vacation pics, presentations, favorite social media sites, etc. – now bigger than ever!

Website Mirroring

If you can get it online, you can get it on your television. See all the things that are in the Chrome browser on your laptop.

Working with Google Home

Chromecast Ultra is fashioned and planned to work effortlessly with Google Home. Hence, you can begin to watch your favorite shows and movies by just using the voice commands. All you need to say is “Ok, Google, play the playing puppy video on my television.”

Why is Your Phone the Best Remote Controller?

Chromecast Ultra Review

There’s Nothing New You Need to Learn

With the new Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast, you can use the same friendly apps which you already love and know. This time, just now with your television. Just tap on the Cast button in your favorite mobile application to begin watching on the tv.


You can personalize your phone with your playlists, shows, and applications. Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast make it simple for anyone in your family to share their favorite shows, programs and movies and apps on a shared television screen.


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