//Why Samsung Galaxy S7 is the Best Smartphone for Virtual Reality?

Why Samsung Galaxy S7 is the Best Smartphone for Virtual Reality?

You Do Not Require An Oculus Rift Or A Vive For Experiencing Amazing VR. Just a Galaxy S7 is Good Enough.

Sure, we get it that you do not have space for a mesmeric virtual reality experience such as the HTC Vive. Also, you do not wish to shell out upwards of 600 dollars for an extravagant Oculus Rift setup. Luckily, you do not have to- not for the headset, at least. In case, if you already had a sophisticated flagship in your hands from the kinds of Google or Samsung, the chances are that it is prepared for VR.

At this time, Gear VR of Samsung is governing the charge. It is on roller coasters and in households. And it is an economical $99 for the Oculus- sanctified virtual reality.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and VR


We have to pick up the greatest and latest member from Samsung’s kingdom for the virtual reality. Galaxy S7 launched apace with the first big gear VR headset pushed by Samsung. It features an active pad unit and a little broader field of view than the Google Cardboard. S7 itself provides the best specifications which include a 4 GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 processor, and also an excellent 3000mAh battery.

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Samsung’s also loading the compatibility of its Vulkan API graphics mainly because it runs games even smoother, which should convert to virtual reality as well. The device is also supported by a smaller 5” Super AMOLED display with unbelievable 534ppi density; you will have lesser chances of observing the screen door effect in VR.


If your main concern from the next smartphone is virtual reality, then undoubtedly Galaxy S7 is one of the best devices to be included in the list.


Samsung is offering this phone in 3 colors and they all functions in the same manner in any of the version of the Gear VR.

Why Preferring Galaxy S7 for the Unique VR Experience?

The Smartphone is Well-Equipped, Beautiful, and Big for Virtual Reality


Samsung Galaxy S7 is of top-class mainly because it is completely equipped to handle all the virtual reality requirements: a capable graphics processor, a powerful processor and adequate memory for controlling the rendering of the visuals on the screen. It is also worth noting that Samsung offers the most entrenched virtual reality ecosystem presently.

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The company has been strongly authorizing the video content and interactive games for the gear VR in the past years. It has also been pushing the headsets as supplements with the launch of every new device. Gear VR is going to stay, and in case if you are already a Samsung user, it is an amazing way of becoming informed about the virtual reality.

You require a VR machine which can keep you in the zone for a long time. The 3600 mAh battery of Galaxy S7 Edge is about 2% larger than Note 7’s. However, it lasts a lot longer. Every little bit matters when you are in a virtual reality.

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