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Top 9 Best Free Android App Ever Released

Nowadays, everyone among us uses our phones not as a gadget, but as a part of our regular life.

Excuse me! It’s Smartphone.

But, will these smartphones have such a frenzy without the cool apps that have made life much simpler for homo sapiens? The answer is big NO. It is the apps that determine the usage of a smartphone; of course, it has to be powered by the internet as well.

Android smartphones are affordable and perform all the function that one would expect from a device at a sky-rocketing price. Now, let us stick to our topic– the best free apps for Android phones. You can either purchase them or download it for free from Google’s Play Store. The good thing about Android apps is that they function on every device, be it a tablet or even a TV.

Android’s 9 Most Exciting Apps All Time

In case, if you have just purchased a new smartphone or are looking for essential apps to furnish your existing smartphone, you’re in the right place now. The flash news is that you will get plenty of best free android apps in Play Store without investing a single penny.

#1. WifiMapper

wifimapper download

One of the best free android apps that everyone should have on their smartphone is the WifiMapper.

It is important because what else is more important than breathing? Having a high-end wifi, duh!

This app lays down all the wifi in your vicinity. The application has a map of wifi connections, serving every single detail about them. Whether the wifi connection is free or not and even the quality of the connection, everything in one single app, unlike its counterparts, this one will work.

Download on Google Play Store

#2. Avast Antivirus

avast antivirus download

If you are using the internet, you can never be safe. Viruses are problems which no one wants in their life, but they are there.

Avast antivirus has been protecting PCs for years, and it will do the same for your phone as well. The basic version provides your phone an unbeatable cover against malicious links and everything else that could ruin your device. The app is free to download. However, if you want extensive features, then there is the option for in-app purchase as well.

Avast Antivirus Google Play Store

#3. Clean Master

cleanmaster download

Many Android phones already have cleaners installed on their devices. But, if you don’t have a recommended cleaner on your smartphone, the one app that will help you in ensuring that the storage space, which is utilized by background apps and other residual apps, it should be clean master.

The Junk file cleaning feature of this app is gold. It scans your entire device for cache and other unimportant stuff and will clean it within a few seconds.

Clean Master Google Play Store

#4. Dead Effect 2

dead effect 2 download

This list of free Android apps won’t be complete if it lacks this app’s mention.

When it comes to Android apps, all the gaming buffs are sometimes disappointed, thanks to the poor graphics. But, that won’t be a problem with Dead Effect 2. The game is all about zombies on the battleground, and the plot may not sound original, but the voice over from professionals and exceptional background score will keep you hooked.

Google Play Store

#5. Google Drive Suite

Google Drive Suit Download

Managing emails and all those files on your phone requires lots of space, right? Sadly the RAM of smartphones doesn’t provide many options for the same.

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If you have a Google account and thinking of getting free storage space of around 15 GB, we suggest you to install Google Drive. It helps you to experience various other features on in-app purchases, but even without that also, it is kind of cool. Google drive includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Photos and Google Keep.

Google Play Store

#6. Pocket

Pocket App Download

If you are constantly surfing the internet for excellent content and when you do find it, more often than not you just cannot read it, Pocket is the app for you.

This informative application is entirely free and lets you save anything that you might want to read or view later. Through this, you can view the saved links even when you are not on your internet connection.

Google Play Store

#7. Camera MX

camera mx download

What do you think of a Smartphone without a classy camera app? Nothing, right?

In a world where instant clicks and snap chatting has become the trend, having a camera enhancing app is more than compulsory. One of the best free Android app in this regard is the Camera MX. It is a leading app that brings comes with plenty of features. Of course, there are the basic HDR modes for capturing all the moments of your life in HD. But, what will hook you to this app are the other unique features which include textures, overlays and effects like mirror and kaleidoscope as well.

Google Play Store

#8. Greenify

greenify app download

The driving factor of every phone is the battery. Even if your smartphone’s battery life is amazing, you need to ensure that the background apps are not draining all the energy of your phone unnecessarily.  This is why Greenify is an absolute must.

Greenify is present in the background of your phone, and when you want an app to stop, it will freeze it which will save you a lot of battery life. When you want to use the app again, it just needs to be defrosted.

Google Play Store

#9. Whatsapp

whatsapp download

As a simple messaging application, this one has become quintessential on every phone. Be it an instant message to your family or your colleague, everyone is on Whatsapp and the best part about it is that it is free.

With recent updates, one can quickly make a call through WhatsApp and send documents and files through the same. Create group conversations with more than 100 people and share everything with everyone.

Google Play Store

There are plenty of Android apps in the PlayStore. Most of these apps land up at zero price. Hence if you are still not sure what you want on your phone, keep browsing the PlayStore to know what type of apps are there– including the top-rated and newer ones. In such a way, you can make the maximum output from using a Smartphone.

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