//Top 6 Best Board Games for Kids and Adults

Top 6 Best Board Games for Kids and Adults

Check Out These Top Class Board Games for the Classic Brainstorming Encounters

Remember those times when we used to play board games like Chess, Solitaire, Snake and Ladder and so on when we’re teens? Without a doubt, the classic board games including Battleships, Risk and Monopoly are also still providing fun time to all of us. However, there are many new games launched in the market in the last few years as designers dream up zombie survival games, deck-building sagas and space adventures.

Here we’re going to introduce the best board games for kids and adults all-time. So, order a large pizza, invite your friends and try out the latest best board games which are released in this year.

#1. Codenames

Codenames Best Board Games for Adults

Codenames is an enticing party game for the people who love spy craft and intrigue.

Four or more than four players on two teams play the battle. In every round of this game, the players set up a 5×5 plain grid ID cards with the codenames such as ‘Undertaker’ or ‘Octopus.’

#2. Pandemic Legacy

Best Family Board Games Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic Legacy is the most talked about game of the year 2015. It is undoubtedly the best collegial game ever made. The core of this game is a mechanical and stylistic duplicate of its 2007 precursor called ‘Pandemic.’ The plot displays players who are disease control specialists working together to obstruct outbreaks throughout the world.

#3. Blood Rage

Best Board Games All Time Blood Rage

By the outward appearance, Blood Rage looks like a classic ‘Small World.’ In both the games, you take control of the bloodthirsty plan and wage wars against your enemies across a solid, small game board.

Rather than a complete and unconditional military route, you are competing for the points. However, this is the part where similarities end. The Blood Rage throws in a boatload of fun and amusing new game mechanics.

#4. T.I.M.E. Stories

Best Adult Board Games Time Stories

T.I.M.E. Stories can be taken as a board game version of Primer, the trippy time travels cult movie, just with a storyline which is understandable and coherent.

In this storytelling game, you can adjoin with three other friends who face off against a card deck, helping to solve the puzzles, dodging traps, and slowly untangling a secret, with a concealed plot. The game begins with a starting scenario. It revolves around avoiding a temporary rift in the roaring ‘20s.  Others can be purchased as amplifications.

#5. Tiny Epic Galaxies

Top Board Games 2016 Tiny Epic Galaxies

Only some games can pack as much excitement, abject fun, and strategy into just half an hour. Tiny Epic Galaxies is a dice-rolling game. In this game, the players toss a few 6-sided die. It provides the option to spend points for re-rolling a bad throw. Then the actions are taken according to the symbols dictated by the dice.

#6. 504

504 Best Board Games for 2 players

Even in a year which provided us games full of month-long epic sagas and time travel, 504 is simply the most earnest and ardent of them all.

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This isn’t just a game, but 504 is a set in one box. How? The rulebook of the game summarizes nine kinds of games which are all split into three sections-

  • The main rules section
  • The game’s economic system section
  • Section of additional rules.

To play with any combo of those three sections from the nine games, you just alter and quadrate the rulebook and begin.

In addition to the aforementioned games, here’s a list of board games for kids and adults to play solo from Danny C:

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