//5 Best Android Phones for College Students at Cheaper Price

5 Best Android Phones for College Students at Cheaper Price

Check Out These Android Phones in a Slicker Size, With 32 GB RAM @ Reasonable Price.

Google Play apps are the root of every Android application, without which we have a solemn and a gloomy experience using a smartphone! Of course, you too feel the same! Isn’t It?

As a college student, why do you use your desktop or laptop or huge space consuming computer when you have the living Encyclopedia just within your pocket?

The new Mi brings you a series of Android smartphones with a broad range of variations by your pockets’ size. All you just need to do is grab your best buy that suits your expectations. In addition, Lenovo’s A1000 is another device which is acceptable by the college students.

#1. Redmi 3S

Xiaomi Redmi 3s Best Android Phones

The device brings you a 16 GB inbuilt RAM with exclusive features in it like Mi apps, Mi Store with 5 inch HD display, lithium ion polymer battery just $120. It gives you 5 MP front camera and 13 MP primary camera with a Qualcomm- Snapdragon processor. It’s worthy if you are trying to acquire it at a reasonable rate.

#2. Redmi 3S Prime


Owning 32 GB inbuilt ROM at $150 gives an amazing taste of hassle free browsing with every recent Mi updates available from Mi store.

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The expandable 128 GB provides you with an inbuilt 32 GB RAM, 13 MP primary, 5 MP front camera has a sleek shape and very smooth to access.  It has 4100 mah lithium ion polymer battery backup. This would serve an additional support to insert either a nano sim card or micro SD memory card.

#3. Redmi 2


This device is the best choice of yours if you are trying to cut down the budget for your phone from the range of $109.99. The Redmi 2 is available at such a cheaper price tag, providing you the most exotic features of secure browsing. The 8GB ROM with 1 GB RAM that is extendable up to 32 GB with 4.7 inch HD display, 8 MP primary camera, and a 2 MP front camera can be nothing better for you if you want a Li-ion polymer battery backup with a 410 Quadcomm- Snapdragon processor.

Many customers appear to be brand conscious while it is about android phones. The recent survey has levitated the name of the Lenovo phones, too, in the top list of expectations and desires shown by the customers.

#4. Lenovo A1000


This device also comes below the top list of priorities with spectrum processor and 2050 Mah battery backup. The most exotic thing about this Android device is that the primary camera it offers you at a price range of $111.09 is equally best to rely on any other costly phone that exceeds the price range of $150 with same features.

Lenovo can be a trusted brand too, just if you increase your budget from $80, as Lenovo A536 with inbuilt 8GB storage, is unmatchable with its autofocus, mega flash support in HDR mode just at Rs. $100 only.

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It’s GSM, WCDMA, GPRS; Edge connectivity with continuous auto screenshots, 2 points multi-touch and one hand operation with customizable ISO level.

If you are a college student who’s thinking of buying an Android device, fix your budget and go for the one in the list we have aforementioned.

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