//What is AppNexus?

What is AppNexus?

Have You Ever Heard of AppNexus?

An advertisement-tech company targeting a huge breakthrough in the coming year.

Yes, the market value of AppNexus stands strong, and it is definitely posing a potential challenge to the dominance of Google and Facebook’s online advertising arena.

Online advertising is the technologically driven version of word of mouth; at least some people say so. However, the significance is that online advertising is important for every company and this is how a company that has just started out trying to gain attention from the people of Asian countries.

So, now you know that online advertising is imperative and AppNexus is an online advertising company but what does it do?

AppNexus is the ad tech company following the innovative approach, and in doing so, it has adopted something called “supply side platform.” Through this logical approach, AppNexus is providing software tools to web publishers so that they can easily manage their ad space and even make more money.

Another important feature which AppNexus supports its publishers is the demand side platform, which is a software tool allows ad agencies to buy various types of ads on every site they have on their list.

What Makes AppNexus Different from the Rest?


Currently, AppNexus is focusing on publications and the popular publications among them includes USA Today and Bloomberg. These publications use this ad network to sell their ads on a regular basis. The time and the duration of the ad are pre-planned or programmed, and it is released according to the best price which might be available for the publications at any given time.

AppNexus is also responsible for running the biggest ad inventory marketplace where digital ad inventory can be easily bought and sold. It is truly the software of the next generation as it is now supporting every type of ad, be it video ads, mobile ads or even audio ads.

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If AppNexus is just a marketplace where companies and publications bid their ads and buy one, how will it profit AppNexus? The simplest answer to this question is that this advertising platform takes a fixed commission from each transaction which happens when a company buys or sells an ad through AppNexus. They also charge a monthly fee from publishers and brands that license their tools.

This new platform for advertisers is going to be invincible in the coming years because it works digitally. There is no need of a sales team to look after everything. Since AppNexus works on a cloud-based software, do they need to have a sales team? It is already making big money as the servers are already processing up to 45 billion online ad buys per week. Funding from prominent companies has further raised its market value, and there is no stopping it.

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