//Amazon to Start New Cryptocurrency?

Amazon to Start New Cryptocurrency?

Is it true that Amazon will be starting their own Cryptocurrency?

Amazon is an internet retail giant as everyone already knows; however, Amazon is a lot more diversified than most people now.

Amazon is already heavy into internet and tech. Have you ever heard of Alexa?

Alexa is a major ranking and website marketing business owned by Amazon.

amazon tech companies

Amazon also owns several other companies and websites. Pets.com, audible.com, zappos.com, fabric.com, createspace, woot and CD now just to name a few. Amazon’s market cap is over $500 Billion dollars. Why not start your own cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Basics

Cryptocurrency has started to become very popular. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen major increases in the price per coin. The only question is how sustainable is it? Their are people on both sides of the fence talking about it’s potential and success and it’s short term fad possibilities waiting for failure.

Bitcoin has been said to be too slow to handle the needs of Amazon. But their are plenty of other cryptocurrencies out there with more speed. The other concern of bitcoin is the amount of energy that is required to operate the system.

JSECoin has been developing a new solution to help with the power consumption that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have issues with. Their system has two options.

Option 1 Web Based Platform Mining which uses your internet connection and CPU to run the block chain that it needs to operate.

Option 2 Website Based Mining which utilizes visitors on your website mine while they are surfing through your website.

Find out more information about JSE Coin here.

Amazon Registering Cryptocurrency Domain Names

At the end of October 2017 Amazon registered 3 new domain names. The domain names are: amazonethereum.com, amazoncryptocurrency.com, amazoncryptocurrencies.com.

When you look at the three domain names it looks like Amazon is in debate on starting there own cryptocurrency or working with ethereum to utilize there system and potentially enhance it as needed. Or will Amazon be looking to buy out Ethereum? This could prove interesting and could skyrocket the price if it became fact. No I am not telling you to go out and buy it up based on this little bit of information. Just something to review.

This is the screen shot from the who is database for amazonethereum.com. Still curious? Check it out yourself!

amazon cryptocurrency

Will Amazon start there own cryptocurrency?

We haven’t seen any official news that Amazon will be starting their own cryptocurrency but, the registration of the 3 new domain names at least shows that the possibility is there.

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