//Amazon Alexa Review: Is it Worth for Your Investment?

Amazon Alexa Review: Is it Worth for Your Investment?

Gone are the days when people needed butlers or servants to do all the work for them. Apart from being seriously expensive, you also had to ensure that they were loyal. Fast forward to the present time, and you have the better and mechanized version of a personal assistant – Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Alexa – Your Personalized Assistant at Work

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based personal assistant, and for getting things done from Alexa, you just have to connect to Amazon Echo, Dot or any other product that supports Alexa. Of course, you will need to connect everything on your wifi as well. Want to lower the blinds? Just say the phrase to Alexa and you will have it done in not time. Right from changing the temperature of the room to aggravating the security system of your home, Alexa can do anything for you.

How is all this possible when the appliances and other things in your home are from different companies? The answer is that around 50 companies have already upgraded their products to ensure that they can be voice controlled by Alexa. Since 2015, companies are coming together with Amazon to make this a possibility, and this has led to the activation of every type of consumer electronic product.

What is Alexa?

Amazon Echo Review

Amazon Alexa can obey every command given to it because it comes with at least 30,000 cloud based skills. These skills are activated when a voice control command is given to Alexa. You can provide the command from one end of the house thanks to the far-field microphones built in the Amazon Echo ($179.99) and Echo Dot ($49.99) which is the wifi/Bluetooth speaker.

Music is the Most Used Service of Alexa

When Alexa was first introduced, everyone was only using the Amazon’s Echo and Dot to listen to music by streaming it from various music service providers. The same was the case with the Amazon’s Tap speaker which was also used for streaming music, either through a cloud-based company or pre-downloaded music on one’s phone.

Fortunately, that has changed to a great extent and people are using Amazon Alexa for more functions rather than just playing music. This includes controlling the smart home products in a house. More and more customers are relying on it to do more than just music playback, and this will grow when people become more aware of the capabilities of the device, and these capabilities will also be upgraded.

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People are already using smartphones and tablets to control the smart home products, then why Alexa? The simple answer is the ease of voice control which helps in managing things easily. For instance, there are instances when your hands might not be free, and this is where your voice command will turn on the light or change the channel on the TV.

As stated above, almost every consumer electronic company is now compatible with Alexa, and they have done so to reach more customers. We are stepping in an age where everything has not only become easy but can be done with our voice commands.

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Here is the video description of how Alexa from Amazon family makes the difference in our day-to-day lives:

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