//Introduction of Advanced Smart Home Ecosystem in 2017

Introduction of Advanced Smart Home Ecosystem in 2017

Living in your home requires lot more sophistication than it ever did. Think about all the gadgets and appliances that you have to work on and also remember to turn off each of them so there is no short circuit in your house. Yes, it seems pretty difficult, and this is why there are plenty of gadgets which have been invented just to make your life a little easier. Be it the Amazon Echo, August Smart Lock, Nest Learning Thermostat or even the Philips Hue light bulb, each of these smart gadgets has been designed to reduce your electricity bill and ensure that you live safely in your house.

Why Advanced Smart Home Ecosystem?

Advanced Smart Home Ecosystem

If you are looking for something even better, then your wish has been granted as a joint venture of Amazon and Intel. It provides you something which will not only advance the smart home ecosystem but also allow the option of choosing natural languages which you are comfortable.

In their quest to produce the world with an advanced smart home ecosystem, they have already unveiled the two new technology that they are presently working on. The first one is an Intel-based smart speaker which will be backed up by Amazon Alexa. The new designs will be a notable help to the hardware manufacturers as they will be able to accelerate the production of the smart speakers and have better initiatives as well.

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The designs will be available for checking by the developers and manufacturers in the first quarter of 2017. Natural voice interaction is the next step in exposing the world using a more advanced smart home ecosystem, and this is the reason why both Intel and Amazon have collaborated on this project. They see the market for such a product and introduces the personal voice experience to their customers.

The ideas of both the companies don’t stop here as they are already trying to bring voice control features to all the products that will be connected in their ecosystem. To do this, they have decided to add Amazon Alexa to its smart home hub.

Smart Home Market Research and Connected Home Ecosystem

An advanced smart home ecosystem is the one that takes care of everything to simplify the standard of living. The purpose of such an intelligent home product should be to enrich the daily life of a person.

You don’t want to get confused among the multitude of goods that you have in your home, right? And this is the idea which the smart home ecosystem from Intel and Amazon promotes. They have taken the voice control as the central interface to ensure that you don’t have any problem controlling the various appliances at your home.

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Right from your TV to your refrigerator and the AC, you just have to say the word, and the smart home product will do it for you. Unlike the earlier products, which were involved in improving home life, this one would be more personalized hence making it easier to carry out complex tasks.

For people who have a hard time remembering every little detail, this product will be a recommended option that they will ever come across.

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